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A Grieving Child Left A Message On A Vet Office And It’s Absolutely Heartbreaking

A Grieving Child Left A Message On A Vet Office And It’s Absolutely Heartbreaking

For most people, and especially for true canine lovers, dogs are not just animals but family members with whom we wake up and go to sleep. We share the most difficult but also the happiest moments of life with them, perhaps more than with any human. 

Unfortunately, sometimes we forget that this fairy tale cannot last forever and that it must come to an end at some point. This is especially the case with children who often cannot understand that their best furry friend is gone. 

Since the little ones are not able to properly express their emotions and everything they feel at that moment, they will often do it in some symbolic ways. The act of one boy who left a message on the whiteboard in the vet’s office is the best example of this.

A Tear-Jerking Message

It is very hard to keep a deep sadness in our hearts without being able to share it through our emotions with someone else. And, what can cause greater sadness in a child’s heart than the loss of a pet with whom he spent his happiest moments? 

According to, it is very important for a child to express his grief for a beloved dog so that the wounds on his soul would heal more easily. One boy in particular did not hesitate to express his emotions in a symbolic way one day while he was at the vet’s office.

Tears began to flow on their own when the vet saw the message he left on the whiteboard. In an April 5 TikTok clip she posted on her account, @shainasmiles the vet wrote “Working in vet med is hard”, and when you see what kind of message this boy left, it’s no wonder.

a message on whiteboard
Source: @shainasmiles

“I love you Remy! You were a good dog.” the boy wrote, drawing a tiny heart, along with the message addressed to his furry companion who was no longer with him. 

The vet couldn’t help but share this heartwarming message with other people because many have felt at least once what it means to lose a beloved pet.

These words soon proved to be a balm for the souls of many grieving dog lovers. 

Many Reactions

Although the veterinarian knew this TikTok clip would attract attention, she could not have dreamed that it would be to this extent.

There were numerous reactions, but at the same time, there was not a dry eye in the comment section

social media comments
Source: @shainasmiles

“Instant tears,” one user wrote. 

“I will be affected by this video forever 😭😭😭,” another added. 

And, the one even shared her own heartbreaking experience: “One of our clients picked up their pets ashes and said “Come on girl, let’s go home” my heart shattered.”

Yet, no matter how difficult and heartbreaking it is to realize that our beloved pet has crossed the rainbow bridge, there are always ways in which we can remember them and ease our grief. 

Sometimes, just a few words on a whiteboard are enough to heal not only our own soul but many others as well.