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The Greyhound is one of the fastest dogs around, with an endurance level comparable to that of a horse! It is a powerful, swift, and agile breed of dog which was originally used for hunting, racing and coursing. A faithful, loyal, and courageous dog, the Greyhound is an excellent companion for a family with active lifestyles.

greyhpound dog lying on the grass

Greyhound Colors: All About Greyhound Coat And Colors

Some Greyhound colors are more common than others. Is there a reason for this? And shouldn't these pups be grey?

a beautiful greyhound sitting on the sofa with a gray fur cloth

Do Greyhounds Shed? What To Expect From Living With Them

How do you deal with excessive shedding with this dog breed and properly groom it? Find it out right here.

Fat Greyhound

It Is Not Over Until The Fat Greyhound Runs

Fat Greyhounds are a product of misconception. Let me tell you a story about the ideal Greyhound weight.

greyhound dog in nature

Greyhound Growth Chart: How Big Will My Greyhound Get?

Are you wondering how big your Greyhound puppy is going to grow? This Greyhound growth chart holds all the answers!

Blue Greyhound is sitting on the couch

Blue Greyhound – Facts About The Rarest Greyhound

Meet the rarest of Greyhounds – the blue Greyhound! Learn about their health problems and temperament, and the science behind the blue coat color!