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This Poor Greyhound Was So Sad After Her Doggo Sibling Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

This Poor Greyhound Was So Sad After Her Doggo Sibling Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

Life moves in unexpected directions, and it sometimes takes us where we don’t ever want to go. But, heartbreaks are inevitable. As unbearable as they can be, they help us regain our strength and move on.

When Cleopatra and her partner adopted Diva, an adorable Greyhound that used to be a racing dog, they were over the moon.

The couple already had a Greyhound named Winston, and Diva seemed to be the perfect addition to their little family. The two formed an incredible bond – one that would last a lifetime. And then, the inevitable happened.

From Racing To A Forever Home

Before she was surrendered to a shelter, Diva was a racing dog for three years. This impeccable Greyhound girl had a hind leg injury, which caused her career to end. 

Cleopatra saw her video through one of the adoption agencies, and she immediately fell in love. She already had a Greyhound named Winston, and after 11 months of ownership, adopting another dog felt like the right thing to do.

In the beginning, Diva was a little shy. She needed some time to acclimate to the new environment, but then her true personality kicked in!

After only two weeks in the new home, Diva came out of her shell. She started exhibiting the real Greyhound character, which made her owners so happy! 

She was the sweetest cuddle bug who absolutely loved outdoor activities. She would run on the beach and play in the sea, make her funny moves and circles, but most of all – she would melt down next to her new sibling, Winston. 

In no time, these two doggos became best friends. Every new day was a brand-new adventure for them, and you could just tell from the look on their faces that they loved every minute together.

Winston’s favorite thing is leaning his head on Diva’s back, which is an adorable thing to see!

Diva And Winston – The Heartbreaking Goodbye

Diva and Winston spent several wonderful years together entertaining their pawrents and brightening their days. Unfortunately, in May 2023, Winston crossed the rainbow bridge due to an unclear health issue. 

“With Winston, we shared so many lovely memories. Knowing we weren’t able to create many more is the hardest part,” Cleopatra wrote on Instagram.

His departure left everyone absolutely heartbroken. But, Diva seemed to have the worst time. She was extremely depressed. She didn’t eat properly, and she lost interest in almost every activity.

“We miss him so badly, and it breaks our hearts every day. Little Diva is heartbroken,” she wrote.

Even though her owners were devastated about losing Winston, they were even more heartbroken to see Diva in such bad condition. Their playful and goofy girl stopped wagging her tail, as if she completely gave up on life.

Cleopatra knew that they needed to do something to cheer her up – and that something turned out to be the greatest idea ever! 

Welcome, Bohemond

The couple decided to adopt another dog from an animal shelter. And, it turned out to be another Greyhound – Bohemond! The three of them went to a shelter to meet him for the first time in order to make sure Diva would get along with him. 

At their very first meeting – she immediately started wagging her tail and sniffing her new brother. She definitely loved Bohemond right off the bat, and for the first time in forever she again started exhibiting her long lost enthusiasm!

“It was really sweet to see her tail wagging. She’s definitely the type of dog that needs another dog,” Cleopatra told GeoBeats Animals.

Today, Diva and Bohemond are the best friends in the world. They do all the things Diva and Winston used to do, and their pawrents can’t be happier! With her loving brother gone, Diva has finally found comfort – and a new friend for life!