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great dane

The Great Dane is one of the largest and oldest dog breeds. These dogs have an imposing and massive appearance. In addition to being known as hunting dogs and show dogs, today the most important role of this dog is that of a family pet. The appearance of this dog may lead you to think that it is a malignant dog, but the Great Dane is a gentle, affectionate and obedient dog.

mantle great dane

Mantle Great Danes: All The Great Dane Colors Explained

Here is an in-depth guide to the different colored coats of a gentle giant, with tips on health, grooming, and care

Great Dane standing on grass

Great Dane Lifespan: Why You Should Cherish Every Minute Spent With This Breed

The Great Dane is an unusual dog breed. What's more unusual is their lifespan. You'd be surprised to know how long these dogs live!

blue great dane relaxing in the the outdoors seats

Blue Great Dane – A Guide To This Beautiful Coat Color

These dogs are among the most beautiful gentle giants you can find. What makes their coat color so special?

two Great dane dogs in beautiful landscapes

Male Vs. Female Great Dane: Which Gentle Giant Is Your Choice?

Which gender do you prefer? Check out this article and find out everything you need to know about these dogs.

Amazing cute blue great dane

American Vs. European Great Dane – Is There a Difference?

Which one of these dogs makes a better pet for you, and is there even a difference? Let's find out!

great dane dog outdoors

How Much Does Great Dane Cost? Breaking Down The Costs

How much does a Great Dane cost? Are shelter dogs cheaper? Should I have a budget for future expenses? Step right in and find out!

great dane sitting

Great Dane Colors, Markings And Patterns – Which Ones Are Standard

How many Great Dane colors are out there? Are all of them recognized, and what does this even mean? Allow us to explain.

cane corso great dane mix dane corso

50 Great Dane Mixes: Popular Great Dane Mixed Breeds

Crossing the majestic Great Dane dog with other breeds has brought some of the most unique mixed breeds. Check them out!

great dane puppy

The Great Dane Feeding Chart: How To Feed Your Pup

Learn more about how to feed your Great Dane puppy in this chart we have prepared for you and your dog!

young great dane walking

Great Dane Growth Chart: Complete Guide To The Gentle Giant’s Size

The Great Dane is a massive dog that is known for its large size. This chart shows how big this dog gets.

great dane dog with cropped ears

Great Dane Ear Cropping: Why (Not) Do It?

This dog's ear cropping is a fairly controversial topic. Learn why this procedure was introduced in the first place, and whether it is risky.

Harlequin Great Dane

What Is The Harlequin Great Dane And Why Is It Special?

The Harlequin Great Dane- a perfect, elegant, Sphinx-alike doggy is the right fit for any type of family. Find out more about this loving breed in the following article!

great dane in a field of poppies

10 Best Dog Food For Great Dane: A Large Feast For A Giant Dog

The best dog food for these dogs is a food rich in proteins and good carbs. Great Danes need extra supplements since they're extra big.

black and white great dane

12 Best Dog Bed For Great Dane: King-Size Bed For The Canine King

The best dog bed for this dog is an orthopedic bed with lots of support for their fragile bones. Here are our top 12 choices!

girl with great dane

15 Best Dog Brushes For Great Danes: Top Products For Large Dogs

What are the best dog brushes for Great Danes? Do you need to brush these short-haired pups? Here's the truth about this dog's grooming needs!

great dane standing outside

12 Best Great Dane Collars – Top Collars for Your Gentle Giant

Best Great Dane collars come in many different shapes and sizes. How do you pick the right one? We're here to help you!

🐾 A Fat Great Dane And How You Can Help

🐾 Are Great Danes Good With Kids? (Guide For Families)