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Great Dane Who Was Skin And Bones Dumped Because Kids Won’t Feed Him

Great Dane Who Was Skin And Bones Dumped Because Kids Won’t Feed Him

Rocky Kanaka is sitting with dogs. But, this time, our beloved dog rescuer was knocked off his feet. When he saw the condition this Great Dane was in, Rocky was shaken to the core. Such a big dog, and yet, such a skinny dog. 

Scooby was a walking disaster, all thanks to his previous owners. He spent time back and forth at the shelter and was rejected by his family because the kids weren’t interested in feeding him. This left huge marks on Scooby, inside and out. 

Could Scooby return in all his glory? 

Will Rocky succeed one more time and gain his trust? 

The Skin And Bone Scooby Doo Look Alike

photo of great dane lying
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Great Danes… such majestic dogs!

Of 200 registered dog breeds known to mankind, Great Danes are giants, but in a good way. 

They’re big dogs with robust figures and an even bigger heart. At first, they may seem like dangerous canines, considering the size of their head and their paws, but there’s nothing to be worried about. 

Practice has shown that Great Danes are among the kindest breeds.

That’s exactly how Scooby is. 

This poor Great Dane was dumped and rejected by his previous owners all because kids wouldn’t feed him. I mean… you’re expecting little children to form such an important responsibility? Come on… 

When Scooby’s ex-hoomom ditched him, she sure had other things in mind. You don’t simply give up a dog because someone wouldn’t feed him. You take the responsibility and be okay with it. 

This dog is a shelter return. He was already surrendered once at a night drop-off and taken back home. Still, the next time, when his family turned to the shelter for help, they were moving from California to another country and couldn’t bring Scoob with them.

No circumstance justifies the way Scooby looked. 

malnourished great dane
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Scooby wasn’t supposed to look like this… a walking skeleton. No Great Dane is supposed to look the way Scoob did.

Rocky heard some rumors about Scooby, and apparently, he was turned in because mom threatened her kids to surrender him if they didn’t feed him. No one can tell if those rumors are true, but it seems like it.

On the other hand, feeding a Great Dane is a big job and requirers lots of high-quality food. Maybe money was the issue. Maybe, just maybe, raising a Great Dane was a bigger piece than they could chew.

In addition, according to medical records, Scooby has quite a history of tummy issues. 

Rocky doesn’t want to reflect on the past too much. The past stays in the past. The important thing to do now is help Scooby and put him on the right track.

Sitting With Scooby

man sitting next to a great dane
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Rocky has such a great approach to the resocialization of rescue dogs. In case you didn’t catch up, he sits down with them and tries to make them feel relaxed, comfortable, and wanted. But, he doesn’t just jump on the opportunity. Rocky has a strategy that works every time.

When he approached Scooby, the dog was pretty much relaxed already, but that wasn’t the sign to go straight forward. Rocky always takes things slowly, lets the dog sniff the newcomer, and offers some treats as a sign of goodwill. 

Being the good boy he is, Scooby immediately accepted Rocky and his treats, praises, and rubs that soon followed. This kind of approach relieves the pressure off of dogs and doesn’t put them in the center of attention, thus making them uncomfortable. 

Scoob had plenty of time to adjust to Rocky being there.

“Oh, I’m sorry Scooby, whatever you’ve been through, you don’t deserve it,” repeated Rocky in the video as he handed out cuddles and treats to Scoob, “We’re gonna fill your belly, and we’re gonna fill your heart.”

As Rocky did the ultimate trust test, the scoop, he could feel all the dog’s bones protruding. Scooby’s spine and ribs were showing. Scooby was nothing like the usual Great Dane. 

Rocky’s further examination of Scoob showed that he’s most likely a Great Dane mix, probably a pup with some Mouth Cur or Ridgeback blood.

It was such a shame because behind that skin and bones was a beautiful dog with such a lovely coloring. Scooby needed just a little bit of love and affection to glow up.

And, Rocky made sure he got all of it, and even more. 

Scooby’s Bright Future

man and great dane
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Named after a beloved cartoon character, Scooby Doo, this Scoob has a bright future ahead of him.

Thanks to Rocky, this big dog will have sponsors donating food for a whole year. A big dog like Scooby needs to eat a lot and loves to munch on Scooby snacks.

In just a short period of time, Scooby turned into a whole new dog. The change for good is more than obvious. He’s gaining weight rapidly, but the best thing is that his health is monitored all the time and it seems like there aren’t any major concerns.

Still, the biggest change is in Scooby’s behavior. Unlike the previous time he met Rocky, Scooby was now wagging his tail like crazy. He was super happy to see a familiar face and super excited to tell everyone how well he’s doing.

After just a while spent at the shelter, being showered with attention and care from shelter workers, Rocky, and a bunch of good people, Scoob was ready to be adopted.

At the time of Rocky’s update video, Scooby was waiting to meet potential adopters. Let’s just hope this sweet and troubled soul will finally get the loving home he deserves, no matter if it is in California or somewhere else.

Let’s pray Scooby finally gets his Shaggy.