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Good Samaritan Shocked To Find A Zipped-Up Duffel Bag With Two Eyes Staring Out Of It

Good Samaritan Shocked To Find A Zipped-Up Duffel Bag With Two Eyes Staring Out Of It

When a Good Samaritan was walking down the streets of Albany, New York, on a cold afternoon, something caught their eye.

Near a filthy garbage can, there was a zipped-up duffel bag with two eyes staring out of it.  

Unfortunate Case

duffel bag to a trash can
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When the Good Samaritan squatted down to get a closer look, they noticed that inside of it was actually a small brown and black tiger cat.

They immediately contacted animal control, who picked up the cat and safely transported it to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS), the oldest and largest animal protection organization in New York.

The cat, later named Newt, was greeted by Kara Murry, the MHHS intake coordinator. As soon as she met him, Kara was shocked at how sweet and easy to handle this cat was.

“I remember saying, ‘How could anyone throw you in the trash? You’re so sweet and cuddly!’ She was purring and rubbing against us for pets, almost as if to say, ‘Thank you for saving me,’” Kara told The Dodo.

a beautiful cat
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New Chance

The first order of business for Newt was a thorough medical checkup as well as food and water.

Through the first hours of her stay, this adorable cat managed to charm anyone who passed by.

“She came right up to me for pets and love the first time I met her, which was two days after she arrived. [She] was very sweet and wanted cuddles and loved playing with pipe cleaners,” Heather Ellis, Mohawk Hudson veterinary assistant, told The Dodo.

cat peeking
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By being so adorable, Newt’s stay at the humane society did not last. He managed to find a warm and loving forever home with a man who was looking for a sweet companion.

It truly was love at first sight.

cat in her cat house
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Forever Home

Thanks to her new loving dad who finally saw her worth, Newt no longer had to worry about being cruelly abandoned ever again.

senior man holding a cat
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“As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. And this sweet girl is a truly wonderful treasure for her new dad,” Marguerite Pearson, Mohawk Hudson director of marketing and communications, told The Dodo.

Newt, I hope you have a happy and wonderful life filled with nothing but fun, love, and good cuddles. You deserve it!