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Goldie Lies Patiently As Owner Practices Her Nurse’s Assessment In The Cutest Video

Goldie Lies Patiently As Owner Practices Her Nurse’s Assessment In The Cutest Video

For many owners, it is hard to imagine a dog at rest while they are working on some important assessment for their university or job. 

Dogs are creatures that demand our undivided attention, and they love all the time and often do not choose the means to get it. They would prefer that, instead of obligations, we devote ourselves only to them.

However, there are those pups that are able to fit into our daily schedule and even help us to do the task that is required of us, even in the most unusual ways.

One nursing student and her Golden Retriever proved this in a video that will make you laugh and melt your heart simultaneously.

The Best “Patient” Ever

photo of golden retriever lying in front of owner
Source: @kailahess4

Kaila Hess is a full-time nursing student and a part-time veterinary technician from Bentonville, Arkansas, according to her LinkedIn profile

One of her professors from Arkansas University gave her an assignment to practice giving her nursing physical assessment. But, there were no other humans in the house. 

Although she didn’t know how it would turn out, it occurred to her that her Golden Retriever, Ryder, could help her.

After she laid him on the bed and began to examine him, this “patient” turned out to be one of the best she had worked with.

He was lying down patiently on the “hospital bed” while Kaila examined his heart rate, eyes, paws, and throat.

woman examining golden retriever
Source: @kailahess4

After determining that everything was in order, Ryder gave a satisfied wink and Kaila left him a “microphone” with which he could call her if he needed anything.

The “patient” was healthy and the “nurse” successfully completed her task.


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The Duo Became Viral On TikTok

comments from social media
Source: @kailahess4

Of course, Kaila recorded all this and couldn’t help but put the video on TikTok via her profile @kailahess4 to share these cute moments with her followers.

Although she knew that most of them would like the video, she could not have guessed that it would be such a “Boom”. This video very quickly got millions of views and went viral.

And, the comments were more than positive. Most of them said it was the best patient they had ever seen, but some joked that dogs would do anything for “treats”.

Treats or not, this golden pup proved to everyone that dogs, contrary to stereotypes, can very successfully participate in the most important tasks that their owner has to do.

That’s why in the future, if you have no one to help you with your homework at school or some task at work or college, you know who to call.