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Goldendoodle Knocks On Her BFF’s Door And Shows What A Good Neighbor She Is

Goldendoodle Knocks On Her BFF’s Door And Shows What A Good Neighbor She Is

The welcome wagon is here! 

Everybody in this California neighborhood knows Pita. She’s the ultimate Goldendoodle, the life of the party, and the sweetest neighbor in the whole county. 

When Fia moved in next door, Pita did what every good neighbor does: she went over and made her feel welcome in the new area.

Little did everyone know that Pita went over to meet her new BFF!

Knocking On My BFF’s Door

Thai and Nicole just moved into their new California home. Along came Fia, their adopted sweetheart, who came after a big loss in the family. The black Goldendoodle came as a blessing for the young couple and a fresh start to love another dog. 

When the little family arrived at their new home, Thai went outside to catch up with the neighbors. Then, he saw her: right on his back door was a Goldendoodle, but not his own. Pita, the blonde Goldendoodle, barged in and insisted on meeting the newcomers. 

“My husband was in the front yard meeting our neighbors, and we saw our neighbor’s dog appear at our back door. Pita investigated the house, got to meet Fia, and the two of them became absolute best friends,” said Nicole for Cuddle Buddies.

Pita’s owners have nothing against Pita hanging out at Fia’s place. She still spends a lot of time at home but makes sure she doesn’t neglect her friendship duties. Whenever it’s playtime, Pita’s over there knocking on the door. 

This is another fine example of where opposites attract. Pita is a cheerful, laid-back dog, but that didn’t stop her from making friends with Fia, the pooch with an attitude. They’re completely different personalities, and they’re completely fine with it. 

My Dog And My Occasional Dog

Thai and Nicole got used to the idea of having an occasional dog. Pita comes in every time she wants. She just runs across the yard, through the bushes, and hops on the little porch. There, she pats the door as if she’s knocking to get in. 

By this point, everyone thinks Pita needs her own boop-height doorbell!

Still, instead of a doorbell, Nicole and Thai just got a camera to notify them whenever Pita comes over to play. And, she comes to visit almost every day.

The first stop is, of course, the kitchen, where both dogs hang out and beg silently until Thai brings out some treats. Then, it’s ball time, and Fia and Pita head outside to some much-needed activity. 

But, don’t think that Pita just comes over to lose that extra energy. She also stays for the cuddles, a nap session, and simply to chill out. Some days, she loves lying next to Fia, her best friend in the whole world.

Nothing fills up your energy bar than hanging out with the dog you love the most! 

The Viral Friendship

The ultimate BFFs have taken over the Internet. Fia and Pita are canine superstars and the next favorite Instadogs.

Thanks to Fia’s pawrents, we’re now able to follow the daily adventures of the neighbors from heaven. 

It kinda makes you wish your neighbors are like this, huh?

Nicole and Thai post regular updates on the canine friendship and share funny stories about their dog and their occasional dog on their Instagram account. 

If you follow them, you’ll see what a great time Fia and Pita had at their first sleepover together. You can come along on their nature trips. And, you can just stay and hang out, watching them on their regular play dates.

Although they say Pita’s the one driven by any form of love, I’d say both dogs are. Both Fia and Pita love spending time together more than anything. Their friendship is the ultimate form of friendship, and it all started with a little knock on the door.