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Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an intelligent, well-balanced, and athletic dog. It is known for its intelligence, playfulness and friendliness. The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States and is frequently considered the most intelligent breed of dog. Learn more about this loving and cheerful doggo!

two Golden Retrievers sitting on grass

English Vs American Golden Retriever – Goldie Comparison Guide

Are there many differences between the English and American Golden Retriever? If you didn’t know these two, then this article is for you.

a golden retriever runs across the field

Blockhead Golden Retriever: Why Are They So Special?

Blockhead Golden Retrievers are not a separate Golden breed. They're regular Retrievers, but only with a wide, block-shaped head.

Golden retriever lying on light floor

Are Golden Retrievers Hypoallergenic? Amazing Tips For People With Allergies

As they are among the most popular dog breeds, this is the question many allergy sufferers ask.

Golden retriever posing in nature

Show Golden Retriever Vs. Field Golden Retriever – Understand The Differences

Show Golden Retrievers have some differences from regular Golden Retrievers. What are they? Which variety should you get? Let's find out!

the golden retriever runs across the meadow

Field Golden Retriever: A Friendly Dog With a Great Work Ethic

A hard-working dog with a friendly attitude. This article will help you learn all there is to know about these pups.

Golden Retriever playing with another dog on grass

Are Golden Retrievers Aggressive? The Truth May Shock You!

Learn the shocking truth about the Golden Retriever and aggressive behavior, with advice for dog owners.

cute two golden retriever siblings leaning on the fence

Male Vs Female Golden Retriever: What’s The Difference?

Find out what makes boy and girl Golden Retrievers different!

golden retriever sitting on the bench

Top 5 Golden Retriever Haircuts And Grooming Styles

Don’t know what the perfect hairstyle for your Golden Retriever is? Then check out these five popular Golden retriever haircuts!

Mini Goldendoodle puppy laying on the grass

58 Golden Retriever Mixes: Goldie Cuteness Alert

If you want to learn about all the Golden Retriever mixes, find yourself a cozy place and enjoy. Beware: Golden cuteness alert!

golden retriever ready for a bath

How Often Should You Bathe A Golden Retriever: All You Need To Know

Here are all the tips and tricks on how to get your Golden Retriever’s beautiful long coat clean.

golden retriever standing on the green grass

Golden Retriever Colors: Let’s Spin The Dazzling Color Wheel

Did you know that the Golden Retriever is not only golden? Let's spin the color wheel and learn everything about Golden Retriever colors!​

Golden Retriever puppy sitting in the grass

Golden Retriever Growth Chart – Everything You Should Know!

Are you wondering how large your pup will grow? We have prepared a Golden Retriever growth chart to keep track of your puppy’s growth!

mini golden retriever

Mini Golden Retriever: A Purebred Or A Crossbreed?

Introducing you to the mini Golden Retriever – a dog that not a lot of people know about. But, we are here to change that with a full guide on this dog.

Puppy looking sad while wearing a "cone of shame" to prevent licking after surgery

When To Spay Or Neuter A Golden Retriever: What Age Is Best?

Knowing when to spay or neuter your dog can be a difficult task. We present you with all the facts that can help you.

a beautiful Golden Retriever

Is Shaved Golden Retriever A Good And Safe Solution?

Will shaving make things easier for you and your pet? If you are in doubt, find your answers in this article.

Smiling dog in the city park

Is A Short Haired Golden Retriever Really A Thing?

Are you a Goldie fan? Check out this unusual short-haired Golden Retriever and see what the pros and cons are of having one in your family!

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