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Therapy Golden Retriever Sees Himself In The Mirror And Does The Most Hilarious Thing

Therapy Golden Retriever Sees Himself In The Mirror And Does The Most Hilarious Thing

If there is one thing that I love about dogs, it’s their curious nature and the ability to find amusement in almost anything they do.

It’s what makes them so special to us, and it’s a cause for a lot of fun and unforgettable memories.

One thing in particular that is really funny is when they are fascinated by an object that is otherwise very normal to us.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who was really fascinated by seeing his own reflection and could not contain his happiness.

Typical Golden Retriever Reaction

We all know that Golden Retrievers are famous for being very cheerful and outgoing dogs, but despite knowing that, I am still surprised by them all the time.

On January 14, a funny video surfaced on Instagram. On it, we can see a therapy dog named Finley seemingly amused by something.

Now, being a therapy dog means that he was really good at making people feel better, and this was a very easy task for him most of the time.

However, at this moment, it’s revealed that he noticed his own reflection in a ceiling mirror and was trying to catch it.

So, he started jumping up and down to see if he could get close, but to no avail. You would think that such a thing wouldn’t amuse him for long, but it did.

His owner told Newsweek that this kind of reaction is not uncommon. He enjoys looking at himself in the mirror all the time, especially when it’s on a ceiling.

After the video was posted on Instagram, it garnered quite a lot of attention from other people and got over 20,000 likes and a lot of comments.

Reaction On Instagram

Normally, you would expect that people who saw this video would find something unique about this Golden Retriever’s behavior, but it seems that it’s not unusual for them.

One commenter said: “My dog does this when there’s a light spot reflecting on the ceiling from someone’s phone.

Okay, so now we know that Golden Retrievers definitely enjoy doing simple things like this. This is pretty surprising to me.

Another person made a joke on what the dog must have thought at the moment, and wrote: “Mom, get a load of this guy! He has a lot of nerve to show his face.

And lastly, someone said: “He’s like I almost got him!

Well, it’s pretty obvious that he was trying to do something. What it was is hard to tell; however, videos like this almost always make people laugh.

In the end, it’s safe to say that Golden Retrievers are unique in their own way, and their behavior will always brighten other people’s days.