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Thousands Of Golden Retrievers Face The Snow For Their Annual Meetup In Golden, Colorado

Thousands Of Golden Retrievers Face The Snow For Their Annual Meetup In Golden, Colorado

Each year, thousands of Golden Retrievers from all over the country gather in their namesake city of Golden, Colorado, for an extraordinary meetup. 

The event had become a beloved tradition, attracting thousands of dogs and their devoted owners from far and wide, coming together to celebrate these loveable dogs and their joyful spirit. 

This year, the weather conditions were not exactly ‘golden,’ but that didn’t stop the dogs and their people from having a day full of fun and happiness. 

Colorado’s Golden Retriever Day 

The “Goldens in Golden” is an annual celebration of National Golden Retriever Day, celebrated on February 3 every year. 

It is a special day that brings together Golden Retriever enthusiasts in downtown Golden, Colorado, the old mining town along Clear Creek. 

This year’s meetup was marked by snowy weather, turning it into a rather “soggy doggy” gathering!

However, the chilly weather and snow showers didn’t bother the thousands of dogs and their humans one bit. Everyone was having a great time and wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for anything!

“It just shows how much people love this event if they’re willing to brave the weather and come see us,” Megan Pinson, from Visit Golden, told the local news outlet News 9

The event has been popular now for years, even though they’ve never experienced such extreme weather before. 

One of the attendees, Katie Ford, who brought her dog Rilo from Iowa, told News 9, “It’s the best day, and I don’t even care about the weather, it’s so great. I feel my heart exploding. They’re so cute, every one of them is just so cute.”

Some of the dogs got to see snow for the first time ever, which was extremely special. “If you could see the smile on their face, it’s bigger than ours,” said Charlie Alfrey, who brought his dog Boss from Florida. 

Fluff, Fun, And Happiness 

Despite the extreme weather, the whole day was filled with fun, fluff, pure happiness, and delicious treats. 

Megan Pinson, from Visit Golden, wasn’t surprised that the weather did not stop people and dogs from showing up. 

“Golden retrievers are a hardy breed, and Coloradans are too,” she said. “I think they’re all embracing it.”

Nothing was going to put a damper on such a happy event, and canceling it was never an option. 

The dogs were welcomed with complimentary “pup cup” treats, and there were plenty of chances to strike adorable poses for photos.

People could purchase the merchandise and meet with lots of Golden Retriever-based organizations. 

It was a wet and wild day; the very first snowy edition of “Goldens in Golden” that will surely go down in history.

“Thank you for this event. It’s always so magical. Last year we were sunburned, this year soaked, what will next year bring haha! Y’all are bringing ppl and doggos together from around the world! We met ppl from Taiwan and Florida today. So cool!!,” one person commented on Instagram