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Hilarious Golden Retriever Sneaks His ‘Pet Rock’ In Bed And Refuses To Give It Up

Hilarious Golden Retriever Sneaks His ‘Pet Rock’ In Bed And Refuses To Give It Up

We love our dogs no matter what! We embrace their character, everyday habits, and even their occasional little quirks.

Even if, let’s say, they sneak in and adopt a rock as a pet – that’s just totally fine! 

That’s right! Obi, a hilarious Golden Retriever living in Nashville, Tennessee, is full of surprises, and this time, he surprised his pawrents with his pet rock!

Unusual Obsession

young couple holding their dog
Source: @toribeck

For Tori and Skyler Beck, living with Obi, whose full name is Obi-Wan Kenobi, has been nothing but fun! 

During the last couple of years, this Goldie has gained popularity on social media with his sweetness and everyday quirks, and his pawrents just play along!

One day, he left his mom and dad in awe when he snuck a massive rock into their home. For some reason, Obi’s not into balls or regular toys – but he instead loves rocks! You’ve heard it right! 

cute Golden Retriever
Source: @toribeck

And, this time, he tried to sneak one into his bed and make it a permanent member of their family!

Tori posted a TikTok video of Obi trying to hide his “best friend” from Skyler, and their interaction soon went viral, making thousands of people all over the world laugh hard! 

He hid his pet rock under his body, so when his dad approached and asked what he was hiding – he acted cold! And, his mom spoke in his defense, saying: “I don’t have nuffin’!”

@toricbeck he really said “👀🥺 theres nuffin here” #dogsofttiktok #dogfunny #goldenretriever #fupシ #doggy ♬ original sound – Tori Beck | The Golden Realtor

He sat in his bed, strategically placing his entire body over the rock and playing innocent to distract his hooman. But, his “intruder” was soon uncovered and Obi was left red-pawed! 

The entire situation had a lot of people leaving hilarious comments. One person wrote: “So we all speak for our dogs when our partners talk to them.” The other one said: “It’s his comfort rock!”

This is not the first time Obi showed his obsession with rocks. He loves to play fetch with them, and he definitely prefers them among other things!

The Pawesomest Pet

Golden Retriever with tongue out
Source: @toribeck

Other than rocks, this Nashville Goldie has tons of other activities with his pawrents, and he always finds new ways to surprise them!

He sometimes plays fighting with mirrors just to show who’s the boss of the house! 

And, when mom dresses up for holidays – he joins in, too! Obi loves being dressed up in cute costumes and showing off his fashionable style!

Golden Retriever with red shirt
Source: @toribeck

But, at the end of the day, the only thing that truly matters to this amazing boi is being next to his hoomans. Even after the most active day, Obi loves sharing some quality cuddle sessions with his mom and dad.

They shower him with love every day and he reciprocates by being the best doggo ever, which, for him, isn’t so hard. After all, he’s a Golden Retriever!

You can keep up with Obi-Wan’s daily adventures on Tori’s TikTok.