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This Golden Retriever Just Loves Babysitting Her Human Brother

This Golden Retriever Just Loves Babysitting Her Human Brother

Dogs are one of the most caring animals in the world, and it’s hard to argue with that fact. Whenever I have seen them interact with anyone, they are always just happy to meet people.

However, there is something special in the bond they have with human babies. It’s like they understand that they are fragile and will do anything to protect the child from harm.

This beautiful relationship is something that is a cause for a lot of heartwarming moments and videos online.

In this story, we will talk about a sweet Golden Retriever who likes to spend time with her human brother and is very protective of him.

Winnie’s Anxiety

photo of golden retriever
Source: The Dodo

When Winnie was first adopted by his new family from Utah, she was a dog with a lot of anxiety. She didn’t like noise as it always frightened her.

It wasn’t just loudness that bothered her, but any surprise noise could leave her feeling scared, and her owners didn’t know what to do about it.

They tried to help her by having her hang around other dogs to see if making new friends would alleviate some of the fear, but it didn’t work.

She would always run back to her parents for comfort, and it became quite a big problem as they were running out of ideas.

baby lying on bed with golden retriever
Source: The Dodo

However, as fate would have it, Winnie’s human mom, Jenna, soon gave birth to her son and something just changed inside her when she first met him.

Jenna told The Dodo: “But when we had our baby, we noticed something… Winnie’s anxiety was practically gone.

Who would have thought that a human baby could have such a calming influence on a sweet dog? The two became basically inseparable.

The baby would always play with her, and Winnie just had so much patience with him. It was just adorable.

A Beautiful Bond

photo of golden retriever woman and baby
Source: The Dodo

Jenna continued by saying: “Whenever guests would come over to see the baby, Winnie would be monitoring the whole interaction.

She would be the watchful protector who was always there when she was needed, and nobody was allowed to mess with the baby.

This also applied to Jenna, as whenever she would feed the baby, Winnie was there to make sure she did it right.

However, this is not where the story ends. Things took a very interesting turn when the family moved into a new house in Utah.

They decided to open an indoor daycare for children, and Winnie was one of the designated caretakers.

little boy hugging golden retriever
Source: The Dodo

She was always in the mood to play with them and make sure they didn’t get hurt. Her affection for the children was always amazing to see.

Winnie was a wonderful nanny. She even assisted Jenna by bringing her diapers whenever she asked for them.

Regardless of what activity they are engaged in, this sweet Golden Retriever is always there for them.

She is really a wonderful dog who perfectly illustrates the importance of having a dog in a child’s life as they will always be there to protect them.