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Watch This Golden Retriever’s Cute Reaction After Receiving A Small Dog Bed

Watch This Golden Retriever’s Cute Reaction After Receiving A Small Dog Bed

If you weren’t convinced that dogs are the best and most selfless creatures in the world, this story will definitely reassure you. 

Meet Kenny, a precious Golden Retriever whose gratefulness and appreciation for his flawed gift took the Internet by storm. 

Kenny’s mom ordered a gift for him, but it turned out she made a small mistake. 

But, did Kenny mind? Absolutely not. 

Ordering Process Gone Wrong  

Kenny’s owners, Heather Stoddard, and her 15-year-old daughter, Paeton Mathes, from Indiana, USA, decided to buy their dog, Kenny, a brand-new bed, as he had been sharing one with other dogs. 

Everything seemed to be perfect until the bed they ordered arrived in the mail. 

The bed that came was way too small for a big boy like Kenny

“My mom had free points to get something, so she decided to order another dog bed since our two dogs share one large bed,” Paeton told BuzzFeed News. “So she just clicked it, not really looking at the measurements or even price.”

This extra small dog bed was more like a pillow to Kenny than an actual bed to sleep on. 

They showed it to him, but instead of rolling his eyes at this miniature bed, Kenny was overjoyed with his gift. 

dog laying on the floor
Source: Twitter

It was, after all, a gift just for him. 

It’s The Thought That Counts  

Paeton snapped a couple of pictures of Kenny loving his extra small bed anyway and posted it on Twitter, saying, “so my mom accidentally ordered an xs dog bed, but he’s still grateful…” 

“We don’t expect him to sleep on it,” Paeton told BuzzFeed News. “However, he enjoys it throughout the day.”

dog with slippers
Source: Twitter

Kenny didn’t even seem to acknowledge that the bed they ordered him was meant for a dog less than half his size. 

When Paeton shared these heartwarming pictures on Twitter, people instantly fell in love with this sweet doggo. 

Kenny went viral because of his sweet innocence, reminding everyone that sometimes it’s the thought that counts and that everyone should be grateful for gifts, even if it is a teeny tiny bed that you can’t fit on. 

dog sitting
Source: Twitter

“And because everyone was worried, yes, we have another bed he sleeps on,” Paeton reassured her followers on Twitter.  

Since Kenny went viral, he has received a new gift – this time, a brand-new and very proportional dog bed that has been made for a dog of his size. 

“He’s a good boy,” Paeton told The Dodo, and we couldn’t agree more. 

In fact, Kenny is truly one of the best dogs that represents everything we love about these furry beings.

We wish you a lot of sweet dreams!

dog relaxing on his bed
Source: Twitter