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Golden Retriever Has The Funniest Reaction To Seeing Windshield Wipers For The First Time

Golden Retriever Has The Funniest Reaction To Seeing Windshield Wipers For The First Time

There is something interesting about the way we, as humans, perceive a lot of new things around us. Our brains are designed to understand and adapt to them quickly.

But, it’s not quite the same for many animals. That’s why it can be both strange and funny seeing their reaction to certain aspects of human technology.

Things such as a TV, mirrors, cars, and roombas can all cause a very interesting and hilarious reaction from them.

But, for the dog we will be talking about in this story, it’s something else entirely and his reaction to it will absolutely make your day.

Cooper’s Surprised Reaction

golden retriever puppy on the floor
Source: TikTok

In late 2023, a woman named Lisa Poseley had decided to adopt a Golden Retriever puppy and take him into his forever home in Minnesota.

The puppy, named Cooper, was introduced to his new dog sibling who he loved spending time with despite their age gap.

He was a very curious pup who loved learning so much about the world and exploring new places in his hometown of Minneapolis. 

However, not everything he saw and learned had the same effect. In December of that year, an interesting video surfaced on TikTok, which gained a lot of attention and over 7 million views.

The video shows Cooper’s reaction to seeing windscreen wipers work for the first time.

Basically, Poseley had turned them on for a few seconds and he was immediately captivated by what he saw.

His eyes kept following the wipers as they were moving, and it seemed like he couldn’t look away.

However, when it seemed like he couldn’t handle it, he took off to his mom, as he didn’t know what they were.

Many Reactions To The Video

puppy driving in the car
Source: TikTok

The video got a lot of comments on TikTok, most of which were positive reactions from other people.

One commenter said: “So much to take in! What a beautiful baby! I swear dogs are better than humans!

Obviously, he was referring to the fact that Cooper was just confused and didn’t know what to make of the windscreen wipers.

golden retriever puppy sitting in the car
Source: TikTok

Another commenter stated a similar thing about her own dog by saying: “I have a 3 month golden/husky puppy and she was terrified of the rain hitting my room window.

And, last, but not the least, one person simply stated: “Not to be dramatic but I’d die for him.

In the end, even though Cooper’s initial reaction was both confusion and captivation, it’s still a funny clip that made many people smile.