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This Sweet Golden Retriever From Ohio Comes With A Strict Manual For New Visitors

This Sweet Golden Retriever From Ohio Comes With A Strict Manual For New Visitors

They say that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but evidently – some dogs do!

This hilarious Golden Retriever’s list of ground rules made exclusively for home guests who visit him and his family will make you howl with laughter! 

But, why does this dog come with a set of rules in the first place? What are they? And, are they really strict?

Let’s find out!

Hank’s Instruction Manual

beautiful girl holding her dog
Source: Abbey Swimm

Apparently, Hank, the Golden Retriever from Ohio, qualifies among the most enthusiastic, outgoing, and (sometimes) goofiest pups ever

His mom, Abbey Swimm, and Hank, have an amazing bond and they have been inseparable ever since they met each other, but sometimes Hank’s inner adventurer simply kicks in and he becomes way too enthusiastic

Whether it’s a bird, a car, a rabbit, or basically anything that’s moving, Hank will immediately switch into his chasing mode. That’s why his mom decided to make a list of rules for people unfamiliar with Hank’s adventurous spirit

When Lindsey Swimm, Abbey’s sister, first saw the list, she just couldn’t stop laughing! 

It’s not that Hank’s not “guilty” of all those things Abby wrote, it was just so hilarious to see that the rules to keep his mischievous spirit under control had to be put in writing.

Due to his energetic nature, Abbey “instructed” home guests to never take Hank outside without a leash in the mornings, or at nights.

He gets way too energetic in the morning, which means that he’ll probably be tempted to chase after something. And, he just loves to go across the street at night! 

To be fair, it’s not like Hank’s the only puckish canine in the world! Any playful pup that still undergoes the process of obedience and socialization would probably act the same way! But, only Hank had his list made! 

The Sweetest Boi Ever

girl dog and horse
Source: Abbey Swimm

Even though his goofy nature sometimes gets him in trouble, the truth is – Hank is probably one of the sweetest Golden Retrievers ever! His mom, Abbey, can’t imagine her life without him.

And, even though he was (and sometimes still is) a little bit way too enthusiastic in social circles, she wouldn’t change anything in their relationship!

This sweet boi from Ohio is a big dog now, and his puppy days are way behind him. He accompanies his mom in various activities, from taking daily walks to taking on amazing adventures together!

At the end of the day, Hank’s nothing but the biggest lovebug. And, he’s just the greatest photo model ever! That’s right! He occasionally helps his mom with holiday cards and takes just the best photos ever!

dog with hat
Source: Abbey Swimm

All in all, Hank is a dog full of personality. His one-of-a-kind soul and such a high level of excitement whenever he’s about to go outside are probably the things that make him such a special dog.

His naughty, puppy days are long gone, but Abbey and Lindsey will always remember this list that made their favorite boi so popular!