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A Golden Retriever And A Mailman Melt Hearts With Their Adorable Relationship

A Golden Retriever And A Mailman Melt Hearts With Their Adorable Relationship

One day, while she was making lunch, Meghan looked out of the window and witnessed a delightful encounter that filled her heart with joy.

A mailman who was recently assigned to their area was gently stroking Moose, her Golden Retriever, and giving him a lot of love. Enchanted with the kind mailman, Moose soaked up all his affection with a big smile on his face.

Their lovely encounters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, continued and Meghan was overjoyed to see them sharing loving embraces every day.

Enjoying Moments Filled With Love

According to his mom, Moose has always loved giving hugs. Since he is a big dog, other delivery workers get a bit nervous when they see him running towards them.

However, with the mailman, everything was different. 

The moment Moose would hear his truck approaching their driveway, he would run out of the house. He would then patiently wait until he saw the loving face of his friend.

As soon as he would see him stepping out of his truck, his tail would start wagging non-stop. He couldn’t contain his happiness.

The mailman was equally happy to see the pup and he would walk towards him with his outstretched arms. Moose would put his paws on his friend and give him the most adorable hug.

Meghan was delighted at seeing them loving each other every day.

“The mailman would park his car and get on out, and give him three to four minutes of just love in his daily route. The mailman just embraces Moose’s hugs every single day. And then he just talks to him. I’m not really sure what he says to him. They have their own little relationship going.”

Giving His Friend Love When He Needed It The Most

After Meghan found out that the mailman was going through a hard time due to the passing of his beloved dog, she was even more moved by the wonderful relationship he and Moose built. She hoped that Moose helped him overcome his grief.  

It’s like her pup knew that the mailman needed his love.

“Dogs definitely can sense when people go through hard things in life. And I would hope that part of all of Moose’s excitement and love that he gives him daily, is partially because he knows, you know, he needs that dog love every day,” Meghan said.

The two friends enjoyed their sweet relationship regardless of the season. In winter, the mailman would throw some snowballs and Moose would jump in the air to catch them. In summer, they would sit on the stairs and talk.

Moose and the mailman continued showering each other with love until Moose moved out, along with his family, from their house in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

After Moose left, the mailman received a lot of love from other dogs. He now enjoys his retirement.

Moose often posts about his wonderful life with his parents and human siblings on his Instagram account. He loves snuggling with them and going on hikes.

Although Moose gets love and many pets from other postal workers who deliver mail to his home, Meghan is convinced that Moose will never forget his dear friend – the mailman.

Moose’s story is another proof that there are no coincidences in life. The mailman was assigned to Moose’s neighborhood just when he needed some comfort and extra love. The loving relationship and the incredible bond he built with Moose was meant to be.