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Giant German Shepherd Falls In Love With His Baby Brother And Becomes A Devoted Nanny

Giant German Shepherd Falls In Love With His Baby Brother And Becomes A Devoted Nanny

No matter how well we think we know our furry companions, the truth is that dogs never cease to amaze us. 

When Lika and her husband had a baby boy, Samuel, they weren’t quite sure how their 6-year-old German Shepherd, Rex, would react. They knew that Rex was used to being the baby of the house, and now he had to acclimate to an actual one.

But then, on their very first day together, an amazing thing happened! 

From Being The Only Child To Guarding One

Just like his entire breed, Rex has been an amazing family dog for years. This giant, impeccable boi loves his mom and dad, and he has always made sure to share as many cuddle sessions with them as possible. 

Affectionate, sweet, and loyal – those have been the traits of Rex ever since he first entered his forever home. But now, it was time for him to adapt to one additional member of the family – baby Samuel.

Lika and her husband were quite skeptical about Rex accepting a baby into his “pack.” For so long, he was the only child of the house, and the couple was afraid that his jealousy might kick in once he met Samuel.

And then, Rex proved his mom and dad wrong! 

At their very first meeting, he gently leaned over Sam’s carrier and started sniffing him. It was a truly heartwarming moment for the whole family. From that moment, Lika’s doubts vanished!

Rex immediately switched into his nanny mode. In a way, he transformed into Samuel’s personal protector, even though he had no experience with small kids. 

He started guarding Sam during his sleep time, and when he was awake, he always made sure to be around him.

As Sam grew older, he learned how to pet Rex. For this baby boi, growing up next to his furry nanny was the most natural thing. He even climbed on Rex and pulled his fur during playtime, but Rex didn’t mind.

“Whenever I enter the room, Samuel is right next to Rex. He climbs on his back and playfully pulls his fur. He loves checking how clean Rex’s teeth are. But, he never plays tough,” Lika told Cuddle Buddies.

Always On The Watch

In a way, it was as if Rex had waited his whole life for Sam. He did absolutely everything to make his baby boi as protected as possible. 

He is always there on the watch. None of the activities Sam is involved in could go unsupervised. Playtimes, walks with mom and dad, bedtime, lunch time – Rex makes sure to have it all covered!

As time went by, their relationship evolved and became even sweeter! 

Sam was now big enough to walk by himself, and the two went from nannying to being best friends

“They’re more like besties now and I feel it’s a whole new chapter. Their relationship could’ve turned in so many other ways, but seeing them now I realize that everything worked out perfectly” says Lika.

But, at the same time, Rex has never quit his job as a protector. He is still his shadow, making sure the boy’s every step is carefully guarded.

Aside from Rex, Lika and her husband welcomed two more German Shepherds, Phillip and Chloe, into their home. With these two in the pack, the family feels as if there are four children in the house, and they couldn’t be happier.

All three of them loyally take care of Sam, but Rex still remains the head of the mission. With Rex in the house, this baby boy will never have to worry about being alone!