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Giant Dogs And Their Little Hooman Sister Are Best Friends In The World

Giant Dogs And Their Little Hooman Sister Are Best Friends In The World

Every child needs a puppy in their life!

These four-legged furballs are loyal and they have so much to offer. And, to have one making a wonderful bond with a child is an experience of a lifetime.

Natasha and Craig, a couple from California, learned that lesson while watching their little daughter, Ruby, bond with her two giant Berners, Biggie and Lucy. 

Besides being best friends in the whole world, Ruby and her furry buddies don’t know life without each other!

The Adorable Little Pack

Ever since Ruby was a little baby, she has always had a dog friend in her home. Her parents have always been fond of dogs, and they just wanted to pass on the heritage to their kids.

“For our children, growing up with dogs is all they know and I wouldn’t want it any other way,” Natasha told The Dodo.

Soon enough, Ruby, as the newest addition to the family, became the favorite dog to both family dogs, Lucy and Biggie. These two giant pooches accepted their little sister in a heartbeat, and they never let go!

They enjoyed her company very much. In a way, both Biggie and Lucy acted as Ruby’s personal protectors. And, in return, Ruby gave them the sweetest cuddle sessions!

When Natasha and Craig got their second child, a baby boy named Sonny, the dogs and his sister couldn’t be happier! Now, there were four babies in their fabulous pack! And, as soon as Sonny made his first steps – they made sure to take on their little adventures together.

“I just love when I look up in the hill and both dogs and both kids just on some little adventure,” says Craig.

Ruby, Sonny, and the dogs played together, went camping in their back yard together, and basically did every little thing – together!

There was just something about their bond that made Lucy and Biggie so attached to the kids, especially Ruby. They always made sure to be around each other, as if the dogs tried to guard them at all times.

Endless Adventures

Together with their parents, camping in a field was a family tradition! Even though Lucy and Biggie were not retrievers and they didn’t do much running and playing; they were just perfect in one particular thing – loving the family!

Whenever they went on a camping trip, Ruby fed her giant friends and made sure they were hydrated properly. At such a young age, Ruby learned to be what can be called the perfect owner!

And, Sonny looked up to his older sister! He was always around, following Ruby and the dogs every step of the way.

Sadly, after many amazing years in their California home, Lucy passed away. The family was so heartbroken to lose their loving girl, but they were grateful knowing that Lucy had an amazing life.

After some time, they got a new Berner dog, Bula – and she acclimated into the new home in a heartbeat! It was so wonderful seeing Ruby and Sonny welcoming a new sister into the family, and Bula seemed to enjoy it, too!

Years later, after Lucy’s departure, Biggie crossed the rainbow bridge, too. Even though the whole family was devastated by this unimaginable loss, they knew Biggie’s memory would never fade away.

“Biggie truly was a gentle giant… We cherish the incredible memories and we’re blessed to have him forever in our hearts, where his memory will live on forever,” they wrote on Instagram.

Ruby, Sonny, and their parents are so grateful to have Bula around to help them cope with the void their giant friends left. 

“Time will heal and new adventures await.”

With Bula around (and, possibly some more doggo friends in the future), Ruby and her little brother will keep on doing what they know best – make wonderful memories for life!