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One of the favorite dogs around the world – the German Shepherd is equally successful as a family dog and as a working dog. Learn everything you may not have known about the appearance, temperament, care, and health of the famous German Shepherd.

blue german shepherd in a sideview on focus with a blurred outdoor background

Blue German Shepherd: All About This Unique Dog Breed

Is this dog a sort of a German shepherd? This unique dog breed is worth taking up your time.

German Shepherd dog outside on grass

A German Shepherd Barking: A Perfect Guide to Train Your GSD

German Shepherd excessive barking is something that bugs every owner. There are numerous ways to stop it, and once you read this, you'll know how.

a German Shepherd sits on the road

Are German Shepherds Aggressive? How to Deal With Such Behavior

Can the loved German Shepherd dog be described as an aggressive dog? How do you tell aggression from dominance? This is important for every GSD owner to know.

German shepherd sitting in the grass

Male Vs Female German Shepherds: How To Choose Your Perfect Pet

For many dog owners, choosing between a male and a female German Shepherd can be challenging. There are differences in temperament and needs between the two.

German shepherd lying on the grass

Do German Shepherds Shed? You Might Not Like The Answer!

Find the answers and information you need in our GSD shedding guide with tips on reducing hair loss.

german shepherd jump over an obstacle

50+ German Shepherd Quotes: Dog Quotes You Forgot You Knew

These beautiful quotes are about one amazing dog breed: the German Shepherd, of course! Check them out and see if you know them all!

german shepherd howling while sitting in an open field

German Shepherd Howling – 9 Causes And How To Prevent It

Should you be worried if your German Shepherd howls? Read more to learn what’s causing this behavior, and how to stop it.

German shepherd puppy

German Shepherd Price – Are These Dogs Expensive to Keep?

The price can be a crucial factor in your decision whether you want to buy the German Shepherd dog. Here is the cost rundown for all the aspiring owners!

german shepherd puppy biting on the cloth on the floor

German Shepherd Teething: What To Expect And How To Help

Learn all about the stages of teething, how long it lasts, how it affects your German Shepherd puppy, and how you can help.

adorable German Shepherd sitting on grass

German Shepherd Colors: 15 Shades That’ll Take Your Breath Away

This guide is here to reveal all of the wonderful and unique GSD coat shades that enhance the beauty of your doggie!

owner's hand petting on his panda german shepherd dog in the dark

Panda German Shepherd: A Rare Breed That’s Right For You?

Here are all the information you need about the German Shepherd color that's a result of genetic mutation!

Black German Shepherd Dog with pointed ears waiting for a command lying on the grass

Black German Shepherd – The Truth About This Rare German Shepherd Color

Are black German Shepherds purebred, or are they a crossbreed? Here's all you need to know about this glorious German Shepherd color!

white german shepherd

White German Shepherds: Your Best Guide To A Unique Canine

What makes White German Shepherds so special? Find the answers in our in-depth guide to a unique dog!

Adorable red and brown (or liver) long-haired German Shepherd dog with a chain collar posing outdoors lying down on a snow in winter

Liver German Shepherd: What’s So Unusual About These GSDs?

A Liver German Shepherd is a color variation similar to the popular black and tan German Shepherd. But, why are they so rare and unique?

Dog portrait breed German Shepherd in the winter nature

Isabella German Shepherd – Is This The Most Unique German Shepherd Color?

This fancy-sounding color isn't the most popular choice for German Shepherd dogs, but it looks entirely adorable.

sable German Shepherd Dog laid on grass looking at the camera

Sable German Shepherd: What You Didn’t Know

Are sable GSD different from standard German Shepherds? Here's everything you need to know about this German Shepherd color.

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