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Adorable German Shepherd With Huge Paws Shocked Her Owners By Her Size 4 Months Later

Adorable German Shepherd With Huge Paws Shocked Her Owners By Her Size 4 Months Later

Here is a little tip if you want to know how big your puppy will be: look at their paws!

Even though it is a bit of an old wives’ tale, the size of your puppy’s paws is actually a really good indicator of how large they will ultimately be.

However, today’s story will show you that sometimes, this method isn’t always foolproof.

One Unique Pup

adorable puppy of german shepherd breed
Source: TikTok

When a loving family decided to adopt an adorable German Shepherd named Georgia, they thought that in just a couple of months, they would have a big, tall dog running around their house.

However, as time went by, the only thing that was getting big was her paws.

puppy with pink leash
Source: TikTok

Seeking some advice from others, the family was reassured that they should just give it a couple of more weeks and that Georgia would grow into a full-sized German Shepherd.

Weeks turned into months, but this little pup decided to stay… well… little.

german shepherd puppy with ball
Source: TikTok

Mystery Solved

After doing some research, the family finally uncovered the secret behind their unique fur baby.

Georgia was actually a German Shepherd and Corgi mix who took over the looks of a German Shepherd but was the size of a Corgi.

puppy with one ear down
Source: TikTok

Deciding that they shouldn’t keep their unique baby a secret, her owner decided to take to her TikTok and let everybody in on her cuteness.  

It was no surprise that the video went instantly viral, and the internet loved her!

Many amazed hoomans took to the comment section to explain how they actually got the best thing ever – a dog who stayed a puppy forever:

Omgggg a Shepherd that looks like a puppy forever.

One commentator wrote what we were all thinking:

That’s a Bonus. you know what most shepherd owners say, I wish they would have stayed a puppy their whole life, well you got one, he’s a lot of awesomeness.

Another came up with a very clever name for this adorable breed:

It’s a shorgi!

german shepherd dog sitting
Source: TikTok

But whether she grew up to the size of a German Shepherd or stayed a puppy-like dog forever, one thing is for certain — Georgia is loved!