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A Sad German Shepherd Who Was Quickly Fading In Shelter Meets His Forever Dad With A Smile On His Face

A Sad German Shepherd Who Was Quickly Fading In Shelter Meets His Forever Dad With A Smile On His Face

Dogs should be given a lifetime of happiness and love. They don’t deserve to be betrayed and to have their feelings hurt.

Unfortunately, there are cold-hearted people who dump their dogs and make them feel devastated and confused.

After canines are deprived of their family and a home, they feel like they have lost everything

Dexter, a German Shepherd, was two years old when his owners abandoned him at a shelter and left him heartbroken. The pooch couldn’t understand why they rejected him. 

While Dexter was sitting in his kennel all alone, he only had one wish – to see his family again.

Missing His Family

Dexter was admitted to Tri-Cities Animal Shelter in Pasco, Washington. 

The staffers fell in love with him as soon as they met him. Although they gave him all their love, it wasn’t enough. Dexter missed his family and longed to be with them.

Both the staffers and volunteers were heartbroken every time they heard his sad howling coming from his kennel.

They noticed that Dexter became anxious. The pooch started quickly fading ever since he arrived at the shelter. 

“He exhibited extreme signs of kennel stress, including a decreased appetite, weight loss, depression, poor behaviors, and he cried or howled for hours on end,” a shelter volunteer, Billie Wensveen, told Newsweek.

Every time the volunteers took him for a walk, Dexter kept looking at people, hoping to see the faces of his owners.

The staff was worried about the dog’s health, and they were determined to find him a loving home as soon as possible.

In order to spread the word that Dexter was searching for a family, the shelter asked a volunteer named Julie Saraceno for her help. 

Saraceno has a large number of followers on Instagram, and she has helped many shelter dogs find forever homes.

On February 22nd of 2024, Saraceno shared a saddening video of Dexter, saying that “he is stressed, he hardly eats, and he cries a lot.”  

sad german shepherd
Source: @jsaraceno

Dexter’s heartbreaking video attracted a lot of attention and touched the hearts of many people.

The staff hoped that their boi would finally find his forever family and feel their love.

Dexter Starts A New Life With A Loving Dad

dog in hug with man
Source: @jsaraceno

Fortunately, their wishes came true. Dexter found his forever dad and left the Washington shelter. 

The pup’s human friends and all his well-wishers were ecstatic because the adorable doggo would finally receive unconditional love.

While Dexter’s new dad stroked him, the canine smiled. He was happy. Being loved was all that his heart wanted and hoped for.

Dexter is now thriving in his new home.

We’re grateful to all his human friends who fought for the doggo and who helped him find a loving home. We wish Dexter many joyful adventures with his new dad.