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Injured German Shepherd Pup Was Suffering For A Long Time Before His Rescuers Came To Save Her

Injured German Shepherd Pup Was Suffering For A Long Time Before His Rescuers Came To Save Her

One thing I have thought about and even wrote about is just how much I would love to have the ability to save every stray pup in the world.

Even though it’s an unrealistic thought, I want to do something about it, and I try to, but then I remember I am only one person.

It takes many people working really hard to turn these thoughts into reality, and raising awareness about these issues is a good way to make sure more people know about it.

In this story, we will talk about a group of rescuers who came across an injured German Shepherd and decided to help.

Scarlett’s Heartbreaking Story

woman holding black puppy
Source: The Moho

When a group of rescuers first found Scarlett, they were heartbroken to see the shape she was in.

They were not sure if she was abandoned or just separated from her mom on the street, but either way, they couldn’t just sit back and do nothing.

It was now time to rescue this poor baby and give her a new chance. Upon looking at her, they noticed that she was malnourished, had a big injury on her head, and couldn’t use her hind legs.

german shepherd laying down
Source: The Moho

They took her to a shelter where they gave her a lot of food and water. It was now as clear as day just how long she was suffering by herself.

Her rescuers did everything to make sure her stay there was as comfortable as possible. She was slowly recovering, but she still had to see a neurologist.

An Impressive Recovery

two german shepherd puppies
Source: The Moho

And, the results were simple. Scarlett will recover; however, it will take some time before she can move normally.

That didn’t deter anyone at the shelter. They were committed to helping her lead a normal life, and they were proud of the progress she made.

Scarlett was coming out of her shell more with each passing day, and she is a very cheerful dog who loves to play with just about everyone.

They introduced her to other animals there, and she is making new friends every day.

young lady and german shepher
Source: The Moho

She is also recovering a lot faster now, and she will be able to move way better with her hind legs in a little over a month.

When it finally came time to say goodbye, her rescuers were not ready. She had been with them for over three months, and they just loved her, but they knew it was for the best.

They found a wonderful person who was willing to adopt her and give her a completely new life where she won’t have to worry anymore and can just enjoy time spent with her family.