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The GSD Buddy Doesn’t Speak Hooman, But Understands Everything

The GSD Buddy Doesn’t Speak Hooman, But Understands Everything

We’ve known ever since that German Shepherds are dogs of loyalty, obedience, and impeccable work. But, did you know that they can be true listeners? That’s right! 

This is Buddy, the GSD famous for tilting his head as a sign of the deepest understanding of his owner, Mike.

Not only does he obey, but most of the time, it feels that Buddy truly understands his companion. He reads lips, he looks directly at him, and he listens. And, yes – he responds!

You may think that this is a natural gift, but no! Buddy’s gift is the result of hard work imbued with love.

“Every single thing was about love and over-animation to his success”, says Mike.

Do You Want A Ball, Mike? Here’s The Ball!

german shepherd running in the snow
Source: YouTube

Buddy is a master of ball games. He just loves spending time outside with Mike, fetching the ball. But, not only does he fetch – he hides, brings, and takes it places… whatever Mike wants. He just needs to be given a vocal command. Or, to be asked politely.

“I believe the more you love your dog, the more your dog’s gonna respond to you.”

Even though Buddy’s intuition seems like wonder to the untrained eye, the truth is – every dog has it. Or, at least every GSD has it. Mike just made sure to make it visible. The recipe? Lots of love!

What, An Ice Cream? Can Do!

german shepherd licking ice cream
Source: YouTube

It is no secret that Buddy loves ice cream. But, how does he know when exactly he is gonna get one – now, that’s a secret!

Buddy’s trainability is on another level. He doesn’t need basic commands anymore, as he understands every single word. From the moment they wake up until they get in the car to get some ice cream – he understands everything that Mike says. 

Even though car drives don’t always imply getting an ice cream, Buddy knows exactly when they’re about to get one. By reading the body language and the actual language, he anticipates and guesses.

Grandma Needs Me, Mike!

grandmother caressing a German shepherd
Source: YouTube

Mike’s mom is Buddy’s second favorite. The moment Mike mentions her name to Buddy, he vocalizes his enthusiasm and sends signals that he wants to visit. He gets super excited every time Mike talks about her.

The enthusiasm is no lower once they actually visit, either. Buddy’s willingness to do anything grandma commands or to understand everything she says is just beyond words. He’s a true partner, conversation-wise!

I May Understand Everything, But I’m Still A Rule-Abiding Doggo

the German shepherd listens closely
Source: YouTube 

Mike’s blessing is that Buddy still has some boundaries. Even though he perfectly understands all the commands given, he won’t break formerly-established rules. 

If Mike had previously trained him not to get out of the back yard or not to cross the street – he wouldn’t do it even if Mike insisted. 

Apparently, there’s no such thing as overriding rules for Buddy. He’s more of an old-fashioned dog. Rule number one will always be rule number one.

He has always been this way. Training Buddy was never actually hard or overwhelming. It was always a joy.

No issues, no headaches, no hassles!

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