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German Shepherd Holds Onto His Toy After Undergoing A Life-Saving Surgery 

German Shepherd Holds Onto His Toy After Undergoing A Life-Saving Surgery 

Cougar’s story might be a very sad one, but thanks to some incredible people, his story might have a happy ending after all. 

But, like any other story, I have to start from the very beginning. 

This sweet German Shepherd boy named Cougar once had a home where he lived with his dog best friend. 

Due to certain circumstances, they both got re-homed, but it appears that the new home was either unable or unwilling to take care of them, so the dogs found themselves on the street. 

The dogs were probably very confused and scared as they attempted to navigate the scary streets, ultimately leading to the unfortunate incident of both being struck by cars.

Cougar’s buddy sadly didn’t survive, but Cougar did, although he was seriously injured.  

Fighting For His Life

According to a shelter from OC, California, Cougar was found by Animal Control on the side of the road with a badly broken front leg and a torn ligament in the rear leg. 

Since he was microchipped, the shelter desperately tried contacting his owner, but he refused to answer their phone calls.

The municipal shelter did not have the veterinary staff nor the resources to treat his injury, so they reached out to Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, based in Orange County, California. 

“The shelter could not keep him any longer, as they could not provide any necessary medical care. 
We said we would try-knowing that we would need to find a foster and the funds for orthopedic surgery. One of our amazing volunteers stepped up to foster, and we put plans in place to spring him from the shelter,” Coastal German Shepherd Rescue OC wrote in their Facebook post.  

After quickly consulting with their trusted orthopedic surgeon, they found out Cougar needed to have surgery immediately. 

There was no time for planning a fundraiser because his life was at stake. The poor dog had spent enough time in excruciating pain.

According to the doctor, he was on the side of the road and wandering around in his condition for a month!

Surgery took place the very next day, and luckily, it went well. 

“Both injuries were repaired and he has been a model patient! He is nothing short of an amazing dog, extremely loving even though he has been through more than any dog should have to endure,” the rescue wrote.   

Cougar had about two months of recovery ahead of him, while the shelter needed to find ways to pay for the costly surgery. 

Path To Recovery  

The shelter’s mission to get Cougar back on four legs and change his story forever went amazingly, as they have been able to raise the necessary funds through donations of very generous supporters from California and beyond. 

Tiffany Norton, the shelter’s co-founder, told Newsweek: “Cougar is amazing and the sweetest boy with a joy for all things. He is your typical loyal, loving, and smart German Shepherd, so a home that wants a dog to be an active member of their family would best suit him.”

He is a happy, friendly, and toy-obsessed boy whose life is finally taking a turn for the better. 

He still has a long road ahead of him, but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. 

Despite the pain and everything he has been through, this two-year-old German Shepherd did not lose his spirit nor his playfulness. 

This video update from the shelter shows Cougar still wearing a cast on his leg while holding a stuffed toy in his mouth.

He is one lucky boy who just loves his emotional support toys!

Cougar will need a good home once he is healthy – a home that will never leave him on the street. 

He still has so much love to give!

If you can, please support Coastal German Shepherd Rescue for everything they have done for Cougar and many other dogs.