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Adorable Three-Legged German Shepherd Mix Who Escaped Euthanasia Hopes To Find Unconditional Love

Adorable Three-Legged German Shepherd Mix Who Escaped Euthanasia Hopes To Find Unconditional Love

For stray dogs, every day represents a new fight for their survival on the lonely and dangerous streets.

Kiah, a sweet German Shepherd mix, was fighting to stay alive although all odds were against her. The pup was starving and running out of strength. One of her front paws was broken and she desperately needed help.

Despite her condition, Kiah refused to give up on herself. She lived in hopes that better days would come and that good humans would come to her rescue.

The Pup Needs A Miracle

When Kiah was finally rescued and brought to the City of San Bernardino Animal Services, she thought that things had started to look up.

The pup was only one-and-a-half years old. She dreamed of finding a loving home where she could finally attain happiness. 

The shelter volunteers fell in love with her sweet personality and her resilient spirit. They rooted for her to make a full recovery and find the family of her dreams.

Sadly, only ten days after arriving at the shelter, Kiah’s number was placed on the euthanasia list.

The adorable doggo needed someone to believe in her and lend her a helping hand during the most difficult period of her life.

On the day of her scheduled euthanasia, brave Kiah was ready to accept her destiny and leave her dreams behind.

The Miracle That Kiah Was Waiting For

Just when she thought that everything was lost, a miracle happened. The giant-hearted people at Leashes of Love Rescue, Inc., based in Lake Forest, California, rushed to save her life.

The rescuers pulled her out of the shelter at the last minute, and they placed her in a great foster home. 

The pup was overjoyed to leave the shelter. She couldn’t stop smiling.

Kiah was put on a special diet, and she began gaining weight. 

Her foster family showered her with love. The pooch soaked up all the affection they gave her, feeling deeply grateful.

Sadly, Kiah’s injured leg could not be saved, and she had her leg amputated. 

The resilient pup didn’t let this stop her. She fought hard for her recovery.

Hoping To Find Her Happy Ending

It didn’t take long, and she got adapted to her new life as a tripod.

Kiah felt carefree because she was no longer in pain. She became even more playful than she was before surgery.

Thanks to the wonderful care of her rescuers and her foster family, the delightful California girl is now ready for her forever home. 

According to the rescue, Kiah is a real cuddle bug. She can’t wait to give all her love to her forever family.

“She is a very sweet tri-pod who is super affectionate, loves to snuggle and cannot get enough of head, body and belly rubs,” Leashes of Love Rescue, Inc. wrote in a Facebook post.

With her whole heart, the adorable doggo hopes to find a great family who will love her unconditionally.

After everything she went through in her young life, she deserves to get her happy ending and make her dreams come true.