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Is The German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Even A Real Dog Breed?

Is The German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Even A Real Dog Breed?

I get you, it is a bit hard to imagine these dog breeds being parent breeds to a puppy. They have a very visible size difference, don’t they?

No matter the size difference, this mixed breed is one of those crossbreeds which is a bit harder to imagine. Until you see one, you are less likely to believe that this kind of dog breed exists, right?

One thing that I will tell you – this dog breed comes in various shapes and sizes. The least that I can say, real or not, is that this hybrid dog results in very feisty, sassy and intelligent dogs.

What Is A German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix?

german shepherd chihuahua mix dog

Photo from: @fluffydudeofficial

The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix does indeed have purebred parent breeds. But purebreds of very different sizes: one being a small dog, and the other being a large dog.

This being the case, the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is a very rare, small to medium size crossbreed. Let’s be honest, it is not likely that you will be able to see these hybrid dogs as you walk on the street.

This designer dog is the result of artificial insemination. Let’s be real, there is no possible physical way of these two dog breeds having babies naturally. They are just not a good match, because of the size difference.

The Chihuahua parent is one of the smallest dog breeds, while the German Shepherd parent is known to be a large, powerful guard dog. But more about the breeding of these two dogs a bit later.

How Do You Breed A GSD Chihuahua Mix?

As you could probably guess, this dog breed may be of different sizes, thanks to the parent breeds that are almost the opposite of each.

Artificial insemination imitates the process of mating in nature. During her estrous cycle, a female dog’s uterus is injected with semen taken from a male dog during a fertile phase.

It is most usually used to treat female German Shepherds with normal estrous cycles who have a history of infertility or incapacity to breed naturally. Pregnancy follows successful artificial insemination.

An assisted reproductive method called artificial insemination can be used to address some reasons for canine infertility. Artificial insemination of dogs may be requested for a variety of reasons.

With most situations, difficulties getting pregnant or sustaining a successful pregnancy are connected to the inability or reluctance to copulate naturally.

Origin Of The German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

The exact origin of the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is left to remain a mystery. I have contacted many reputable breeders and many dog experts, however, none of them could give me the exact date or even year this dog breed was created.

One thing is for sure – the breeder who decided to design this mixed breed was creative. There aren’t many breeders who spend time thinking about creating a dog breed of these diverse parent breeds, right?

This mixed breed requires a male Chihuahua parent and a female German Shepherd. This is so because artificial insemination is the only way for the female German Shepherd to conceive since the natural way is impossible, due to size differences of the purebred dogs.

However, the other reason why it is needed for the female dog to be the German Shepherd is because the Chihuahua breed would have problems with carrying the puppies which could potentially be as big as an adult Chihuahua, while still in her belly.

Therefore, it is more humane to breed it with this male – female arrangement. Carrying pups that are bigger than the Chihuahua itself can be a really terrifying and painful experience for the dog. The least that could happen is a premature birth, stillbirth; or in the best case scenario: C-section.

Breeders complete this breeding process with the help of a veterinarian. Artificial insemination is a process that shouldn’t be done without a professional: in this case a veterinarian.

Origin Of The Parent Breeds

The parent breeds of this rare mixed breed are very popular dog breeds. The type of dog owners that opt for a small size dog breed tend to go for the Chihuahua breed. Chihuahuas are amongst the most popular small dog breeds, and are the smallest dog breed on the planet.

However, the German Shepherd breed is amongst the most famous watchdogs. Their powerfully built, strong musculature combined with an intelligent gaze makes the German Shepherd dog one of the best guard dogs out there.

These AKC approved dog breeds are one of the best within their categories. The Chihuahua being one of the best companion dogs, and the German Shepherd being among the best – if not the best – watchdogs.

German Shepherd’s Background

german shepherd photographed with mountains in background

There were attempts to standardize this dog breed in the 1890s. The German Shepherd dog was originally bred to maintain characteristics that aided in their function as sheep herders and predator guardians.

This was done in small communities in Germany by shepherds who chose and reared dogs. It was acknowledged that the breed possessed the requisite abilities, including intellect, speed, strength, and excellent senses of smell, and the most important – an instinct for herding sheep.

The end result were canines that could perform these tasks, but varied greatly in appearance and skill from one region to the next. The Phylax Society was established in 1891 with the goal of developing standardized development plans for German native dog breeds in order to address these disparities.

After only three years, the group split because of persistent disagreements among its members over the characteristics of dogs which the society should support. Some members thought dogs should only be kept for work-related purposes, while others thought they should also be developed for looks.

Although they were unable to achieve their objective, the Phylax Society served as an inspiration for others to standardize dog breeds on their own. Von Stephanitz was shown a dog by the name of Hektor Linksrhein when he was at a dog exhibition in 1899.

Hektor was the result of an intentional breeding, and he was exactly what Stephanitz wanted a working dog to be. He was impressed by the dog’s stamina and so enamored by his intellect, loyalty, and attractiveness that he decided to buy him right away.

Horand von Grafrath took on that name after acquiring the dog, and von Stephanitz established the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (Society for German Shepherd Dogs). Horand was recognized as the initial German Shepherd Dog and the first canine accepted onto the society’s species registry.

And Where Did The Name ‘German Shepherd’ Derive From?

Von Stephanitz gave the breed the name Deutscher Schäferhund, which means “German Shepherd Dog” in English. They were named ‘Altdeutsche Schäferhunde’, or ancient German herding dogs because, at the time, this was the designation given to every other shepherd dog in Germany.

For use in the stud book, the name’s literal translation was chosen; but, near the close of World War I, it was thought that the term “German” would hurt the breed’s popularity because of the anti-German mood of the time.

The UK Kennel Club officially called the breed “Alsatian Wolf Dog” after the German-bordering Alsace area of France.

After several efforts by breeders concerned that their breed would suffer if it became recognized as a wolf-dog hybrid, the term “wolf dog” was eventually eliminated.

The breed was registered under the name Alsatian for 50 years, up until 1977, when effective lobbying from dog lovers forced the British kennel associations to let the breed to once again be recognized as German Shepherds.

The American Kennel Club’s official breed name originally included the term “Alsatian” in parenthesis; this usage was discontinued in 2010.

Chihuahua’s Roots

chihuahua wearing a sweater

The Chihuahua was not registered with the American Kennel Club until 1904, and the breed remained uncommon until the beginning of the 20th century. Hernán Cortés said in a letter from 1520 that the Aztecs reared and traded little dogs for sustenance.

Some 19th-century records mention little dogs almost completely without any coat (this probably meant that they had short coats).

According to one of these records, soldiers in the 16th century discovered them in great numbers in the area that would eventually become known as Chihuahua.

While historians continue to theorize about the Chihuahua’s real roots, the majority of them concur that they may be traced back to the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Small dogs were first sold by Mexican vendors to border travelers in 1884; many of these travelers later transported the dogs back to the United States to raise as companion dogs.

The dog had no formal name back then. Instead, it was given a name based on the area where it was first observed. As a result, the Chihuahua of today has earned the names Arizona dog, Texas dog, Mexico dog, and Chihuahua dog. Since only one of these city-dog names survived the test of time, the breed is today known as the Chihuahua.

What Do Toltecs, Mayas, And Chihuahuas Have In Common?

In ancient burial holes in Colima, Mexico, archaeologists found mannequin pots and sculptures from 300 BC that showed a dog that bore a strong resemblance to the Chihuahua.

Additionally, 100 AD-era wheeled dog toys with the characteristic apple shaped head or the deer shaped head variations have been found by archaeologists in Central America. These were probably two distinct Techichi breeds, indicating a close relationship to the contemporary Chihuahua.

A 1,200-year-old Maya figure showing a lady carrying a kid in one hand and a little dog with traits of a Chihuahua in the other is another piece of evidence supporting the Techichi idea. Tulane University in New Orleans is where you can find this statue.

The year 800 AD saw the start of the Maya civilization’s fall, and by 900 AD the Toltec civilization had emerged. Additionally, the Toltec tamed dogs for food and sacrifice just like their forebears.

The Techichi, a little dog with a rounded apple head and upright ears, is shown in Toltec engravings that have been found by archaeologists.

Therefore, it may be wrong to just presume that the Chihuahua dog is a simple Mexican dog breed. These dogs could possibly be amongst the oldest dog breeds known to human beings.

Yet, this remains as just a story, since there is much research being conducted at this very moment, studying the history of this small dog breed.

What Does This Hybrid Dog Look Like?

portrait of a gsd chihuahua mix

Photo from: @meng1010

Good question. This mixed breed can look like any of the parent breeds! It is funny that they can have any of the bodily characteristics of both the German Shepherd breed or the Chihuahua breed.

GSD are a large sized dog breed, which are known to be strong and powerful. They have a strong body that was built and developed for a few purposes – the main one being a watchdog that is always ready to protect the property and assets of its owner.

However, the Chihuahua is one of the most famous picks of every famous person out there, when it comes to small dogs. They are amazing companion dogs and extraordinary lap dogs, which will love to be by your side at all times of the day.

However, it is odd to imagine a puppy litter coming from these two parent breeds. What is most interesting is the fact that the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix puppies can resemble either parent breed. However, they usually have short hair, which they have inherited from the Chihuahua parent breed.

The size of their head, torso, ears, tail, or body can vary according to the sizes of the parent breeds. And I mean it – they can have a GSD shaped head and Chihuahua ears. The results can be of an infinite number of looks, shapes, and sizes!

Somehow, all of the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix puppies that I have personally encountered had really long tails, and elongated torsos. The tails were not as fluffy as the GSD’s, however, they were the same size.

How Big Do The German Shepherd Chihuahua Mixes Get?

The German Shepherd Chihuahua Mixes may come in many sizes. However, they aren’t usually in the category of large dog breeds. It would be a bit odd that the smallest dog breed produces a large puppy, right?

German Shepherd Chihuahua mix puppies can grow into small to medium size dogs. You can be sure that the pup will definitely not be as small as a Chihuahua parent, thanks to the influence of the GSD’s genes.

They can be anywhere from 10 to 45 inches in height, and can weigh anywhere from 15 to 60 lbs. This is a huge range of shapes and sizes, however, we can compare the average German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix size to a Pitbull’s size (but add a bit of a Dachshund’s elongated torso look).

That isn’t said unintentionally – most of the German Shepherd Chihuahua Mixes have a longer torso, which resembles the Dachshunds. However, they do usually have legs longer than the Dachshunds, which makes the body of the dog look more proportionate.

What Colors Can A Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix Be?

The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix puppies can turn out to be of any color. Since the GSD has a very unique, yet characteristic pattern of colors on its coat, puppies can turn out to be of any of the colors that the GSD’s coat has.

The classic color of a GSD includes black and red, with some lighter, champagne tones on the belly and inner-thigh parts. However, they can also be black, blue, gray, liver, sable, white and of a black and cream, and black and tan color combo.

The Chihuahua breed can be of many color variations too. They often come in solid color coats, from which the most famous colors are: black, white, tan, brown, red, lilac, together with many color combinations of two or three colors.

Having the usual parent breed colors in mind, the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix puppies can be of any of the colors that the parents are. However, there has been a significant number of puppies which closely resemble the GSDs coat design.

In around 80% of the cases, most of the puppy litter will have that distinct pattern of a GSD’s coat. Meaning that they will be black and red or tan, with those lighter champagne tones around the belly.

Also, they can sometimes be colored just like the Doberman or the Rottweiler, with that distinct combination of dark brown and red/tan.

The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix puppies may also turn out to have three colors, where the most usual color combination is black, tan, and white.

What Are The Most Common Personality Traits Of A German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix?

small german shepherd chihuahua mix dog

Photo from: @mochathemix09

Just as there is a wide range when it comes to the looks of this mixed breed, there is also a wide range of personality traits that a German Shepherd Chihuahua mix puppy can possess.

The Chihuahua parent, known as the feisty smaller dog, has left a significant imprint on the personality of this dog breed. Therefore, the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix has a lively personality, and to say the least – independent.

The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix can be very stubborn, sassy, and diva-like if you don’t give them their favorite dog food or their favorite dog treat. Also, beware if you pet another dog in their presence: they can get Husky – jealous, and show their emotions equally loud. They won’t bother communicating with you for days, if they feel as if you have given love to any other dog.

Therefore, the key to solving this problem is definitely socialization from a young age. Without socialization, this dog breed can learn to act like a diva, and will have problems with un-learning this behavioral issue.

Some dog owners tend to give up and obey the wishes of their German Shepherd Chihuahua mix. That could create a very specific behavior from a young age of the dog, resulting in some hardships when the dog reaches adulthood but continues to act like a puppy.

A Good Working Dog?

Aside from being sassy, this dog breed has inherited the GSD’s guard dog instincts. Mixed breed dogs are always recognized as the dogs which have a stronger bond to their family. The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is not an exception – they will show guarding behavior from an early age.

Having GSD genes implies that the mixed breed dog can have the ability and instincts to be a working dog, which means that it will be a highly active dog. However, if it has the genes from the Chihuahua dog breed, it will be more of a lazy couch dog.

The personality, all together, depends on which dog breed’s genes will be stronger out of the two purebred dogs. It is highly unpredictable, therefore getting this puppy would be just like playing the lottery – you may get your desired lap dog, however, you may also get a high energy guard dog.

Is The German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix A Good Family Dog?

No matter the personality trait combination, the German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix is a dog equal to any other dog breed – meaning that it will have that loving feeling towards its owner and its family.

As you know, dogs have their personalities just as we do. Therefore, certain dog breeds carry certain characteristics that they are known for.
However, this dog breed can turn out to be one of two ways – a small to medium sized companion dog, or a working dog with guarding instincts. However, some breeders and dog owners report both of the personality sides being present.

Whichever dog breeds’ personality traits the German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix embodies, it can be a great family dog. They are known for having a clown-like personality, which means that you will be joyful around this dog breed – it will know how to make you smile.

Aside from that, they are really great with kids, which is a big plus for couples who are planning to have children, and those who already have children, younger or older. Since they usually aren’t the size of their Chihuahua parent, they are also a great option for families with small children, since they are not too sensitive (as a Chihuahua may be).

Aside from being great with kids, this dog breed usually also displays great personality traits of a guard dog. That means that your home, your family, and your property will be safe and sound. If any stranger even gets near your home, they will inform you about it, for sure.

They are also usually very vocal dogs, which means that you will have to learn to recognize which bark means what. But that isn’t a big deal, don’t worry – most dog owners have to do the same thing.

Is The German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Obedient?

This is a topic worth a discussion – the least we can say is that these dogs are sassy. You know how Huskies can get very vocal whenever something doesn’t go their way? There you have it: the same goes for this dog breed.

If you want your German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix to be as obedient as a Golden Retriever, you should start socialization and training from an early age.

It is of crucial importance that your puppy acknowledges that you are the authority figure, because if it doesn’t, they won’t bother listening to anything – and I mean, ANYTHING – you say or command.

The puppy should be taught the most basic commands, which include the usual ones, such as:

• to sit

• to stay

• to bring … something

• to ‘speak’

• to lay down

• heel

• leave it

• drop it

Other than those basic dog commands, this intelligent dog is required to have the right upbringing. And I am not even kidding, because this dog breed can sometimes be cheeky and talk back just as a child can. Therefore, you must ‘parent’ it, up til the point where you feel and see that the dog has manners.

Their stubbornness is quite easily resolved, if you incorporate early obedience training using some positive reinforcement methods, which will make the dog feel as if good behavior equals treats!

Is The German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix A Healthy Dog Breed?

german shepherd chihuahua

Photo from: @lamar_the_pup_online

As you are probably already aware, crossbreed dogs, AKA. mixed breeds dogs, are healthier than purebred dog breeds in general; this dog breed is not an exception to this rule.

The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is, generally speaking, amongst the healthier dog breeds. They don’t have, for example as Pugs do, troubles with epilepsy or breathing problems that almost every or every other Pug gets.

However, the parent breeds of the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix do have some possible health issues that are connected to the parent breeds.

They can have some common health problems, that are quite frankly, very ordinary amongst the dog breeds. Some problems just come with age, which is the usual occurrence with every kind of mammal.

Therefore, do not be afraid of the next paragraph because the health problems that you are about to see are potential health problems. That means that you should just pay more attention and get your dog regularly checked, and not that your dog is definitely going to experience these issues.

Possible Health Issues Of The German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

As with every being on this planet, every dog must leave this world in the end due to some health problems. Luckily, this dog breed, being amongst the healthier dog breeds, only carries some potential health conditions that may or may not develop in old age.

The possible health issues that can affect this dog breed are:

1. Luxation, known as one of the most prevalent orthopedic diseases in dogs, is identified in 7% of puppies. Small dogs are particularly impacted by this illness. In 50% of all instances, patellar luxation involves both knees, with potential for pain and function loss.

The patella, often known as the kneecap, is a tiny bone that is embedded in the quadriceps muscles’ extensor tendon. The femur (thigh bone), which houses the patella, has a groove that the patella generally rides in.

Just below the knee, the tibial crest, a bone protrusion on the tibial (shin bone), is where the patellar tendon is connected. The patella, the quadriceps muscle, and its tendon make up the “extensor mechanism” and are typically in perfect alignment with one another.

When the knee is flexed, patellar luxation (dislocation) occurs, causing the knee cap to ride outside the femoral groove. If the knee cap rests on the inside or outside of the knee, it can also be referred to as medial or lateral respectively.

2. Congenital heart defect (CHD): Cardiovascular congenital abnormalities are birth disorders that frequently result in perinatal mortality in dogs. However, congenital cardiac conditions can occasionally go unnoticed much later in life because they are asymptomatic, thus the proportion of affected dogs that live to adulthood and reproduce can be quite high.

Additionally, early detection can aid in offering a typical lifespan contrasted to that of undiagnosed dogs, and some of the most prevalent CHDs may be effectively managed surgically. Understanding the occurrence of CHDs is crucial for preserving canine health and halting the spread of CHDs within the canine population.

3. Hip dysplasia is defined as “abnormality of development.” A hereditary disorder known as hip dysplasia in dogs is characterized by a propensity for the early development of hip laxity. Due to the affected dogs’ morphologically normal hips at birth, hip dysplasia is not a congenital condition.

Within the first weeks of life, the ligaments and joint capsule, which ordinarily hold the hip joint in place, become loose. The ‘ball and socket’ hip joint, which is typically quite congruent, becomes significantly less congruent as a result of this laxity.

The socket takes on a more saucer-like shape while the ball becomes distorted and flattened. Osteoarthritis of the afflicted joint develops secondarily in all canines with hip dysplasia. Most afflicted dogs have hip dysplasia in both hips.

4. Obesity: When your pet is obese, their health, welfare, and quality of life are all negatively impacted by having too much body fat. We think obesity is a severe problem for a pet’s wellbeing since it may lead to pain and be quite crippling. Additionally, it could make it difficult for your pet to engage in routine activities like exercise.

Dogs who are obese live shorter lives and are more prone to get sick. It has long been believed that heavier dogs typically lived 6 to 12 months less than leaner canines.

However, a significant, long-term research study of Labrador Retrievers showed that even mild obesity can shorten a dog’s life span by about two years when compared to their thinner counterparts. This startling fact is sadly true.

Chihuahuas are the parent breed which is prone to obesity. We have some tips for slimming down a fat Chihuahua, which could be of use.

What Is The Lifespan Of The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix?

Having in mind that they don’t suffer any major health problems, this dog breed of a small to medium size, can live a happy and healthy life.

The average lifespan of the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix varies between 12 and 16 years. While Chihuahuas are renowned for their longevity, GSDs are recognized for having shorter lifespans. Regular vet visits are essential for monitoring your dog’s health and averting serious problems.

When buying a puppy, go to a reputable breeder who examines the health of all the parent dogs. Make sure they can show you the breeding dogs’ clean medical records and confirmation of any medical examinations.

Of course, it is also highly important that you thoroughly check the breeder that you are buying your German Shepherd Chihuahua mix puppy from, to decrease even the slightest chance of buying from a puppy mill.

Exercise: Couch Potatoes Or Marathon Runners?

german shepherd chihuahua dog in a field

Photo from: @wurv_winnie


This characteristic depends on your own lifestyle, as much as the personality traits that this dog breed inherits from its parent breeds.

This dog breed can inherit the GSD’s extremely high energy levels and need for exercise, and it may turn out to be the perfect working dog if you have a house with a big backyard, or even a farm.

However, it can be the case that this dog breed inherits less need for exercise. The Chihuahua dog breed, as a crucial parent breed to this dog breed, may add a touch of laziness, or just the overall lower need for much exercise.

In the end, whichever type your German Shepherd Chihuahua mix turns out to be, dogs being as they are can easily adapt to your lifestyle. So don’t be overly worried if your puppy initially seems to be a bit lazy – they will, without a problem, easily adapt to your everyday activities.

Most of the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix dog owners report that their dog has medium to high energy levels. For you, that means that the dog breed will most likely be a bit more on the active side, rather than on the lazier side.

In short – if you run, they will run too.

So, How Much Exercise Do They Need?

For this crossbreed with its medium-to-high energy level, regular exercise is essential. The optimal amount of daily exercise is at least 20 to 40 minutes, although these dogs don’t mind taking lengthy walks. Walks, treks, and playfulness with their owners are all things that these companion dogs love.

Be cautious while exercising vigorously, as hip and elbow dysplasia remain typical health issues. Save the lengthier walks for when the dog is more mature, usually when it is two years old.

This dog breed loves playing with other dogs, so make sure that you pay a visit to the dog park every once in a while. They love playing catch, and would also be happy to play with other dogs. Running around and hanging out with other dogs makes them happy!

What will also keep this dog breed active throughout the day are interactive dog toys. Using them is a great way to keep your dog busy and mentally stimulated while you’re doing some chores. Bear in mind that they are considered to be amongst the most intelligent dog breeds, so don’t go easy on them when you are making them or buying them interactive dog toys.

Maintenance Of A German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

This dog breed rarely inherits the longer dog coat. To date, only a few cases of the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix with a long coat have been reported.

That means that this dog breed usually has short hair. And sadly, they are not amongst the hypoallergenic dog breeds, which means that they shed. Usually, a lot.

You will be required to brush this dog weekly, especially if you decide to keep this dog breed indoors. Besides regular brushing, your home will be in need of regular vacuuming.

You will have to clip their nails and clean their ears approximately every 8 weeks. This is a usual procedure of any dog owner, since you need to maintain their basic hygiene – just as you do for yourself.

Once a week, at the very least, brush your mixed breed. Fortunately, because their fur is usually shorter, grooming isn’t too difficult.

If your German Shepherd Chihuahua mix gets stinky or dirty, give it a bath right away. However, don’t do it too regularly or its skin may get dry. Other than that, this dog breed does not need much maintenance and is considered to be a low maintenance dog.

However, if you do decide upon keeping this dog as a backyard dog or a farm pet, you should check for fleas from time to time, just to make sure that the dog does not develop any skin problems.

Feeding A German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

kibble and raw dog food

Due to their propensity for obesity, Chihuahuas should not receive snacks frequently. Instead, consider foods that are healthier.

Depending on their age, feed these mixed-breed dogs high-quality dog food. There are formulations for puppies, juniors, adults, and seniors that include all the nutrients a dog needs. If in doubt, talk to your veterinarian.

Give your dog nothing you’re unsure of, including refined sugar, shallots, garlic, or apple seeds. Here is a list of foods that are harmful to dogs.

You can find various, yet excellent dog food types on Amazon, for every stage of life of your German Shepherd Chihuahua mix. Also, they have a wide range of both powdered and capsule supplements, containing various nutritious oils which serve as great supplements for your dog’s daily meals.

You can always add supplements to your dog’s diet to maintain and improve its health. Especially if your dog is living in your backyard or outside in general, invest in good omega-3 oil that will be a great addition for your dog’s coat and nail quality.

Where Can You Find Chihuahua German Shepherd Mixes?

You have two options for your mix: buy it or adopt it. It will be challenging to find one given how complex this breed is.

If you decide to buy, the dog will probably cost between $500 and $2800, depending on where you live and the breeder’s reputation.

Be particularly careful to avoid obtaining these pets from puppy mills. Unfortunately, this also applies to pet stores, as the majority of them get their canines from puppy mills.

Given the specialized nature of this species, a quick Google search will not return any useful results for a breeder. Inquiring locally and contacting local Chihuahua or German Shepherd clubs are your best bets.

It’s a great place to start because the AKC accepts both parent breeds. As an alternative, you might personally choose and consult with local experts and breeders.

Make sure the breeder you choose only produces healthy, congenitally perfect puppies. Make sure the facilities are clean, well-ventilated, and roomy by inspecting them.

However, I personally believe that looking for this breed in animal shelters would also be a great option. Maybe your German Shepherd Chihuahua mix puppy awaits at a place where you would least expect it to!

Is The German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix AKC Approved?

german shepherd chihuahua mix puppy

Photo from: @lamar_the_pup_online

Since the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is a rare dog breed which is extremely hard to find, it would be impossible for it to be approved by the American Kennel Club.

The parent breeds of the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix are both American Kennel Club approved dog breeds. However, the German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is definitely not an approved dog breed by the AKC.

Quite frankly, I don’t see this dog breed being an American Kennel Club approved dog breed for many, many more years to come. It still remains a rare dog breed, without any known or famous reputable breeders.

The process of a dog breed becoming acknowledged by the American Kennel Club is a longer process, where the breed must be recognized as one of a kind.

This is done by submitting an application form, a certification of registry from yet another kennel club recognized under the Animal Pedigree Act, written and illustrated breed standards from the nation of origin, and three generations of pedigree paperwork along with a fee.

A breed must have a significant population in the US in accordance with the procedure established; it is not sufficient for them to merely exist.

Final Word

This dog breed is extremely hard to create. It requires veterinarian interference in order for this dog breed to be successfully produced. A veterinarian and a patient dog breeder are necessary. The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is made out of two very famous purebred dog breeds – the Chihuahua breed and the German Shepherd dog breed.

According to the breed standard, this dog breed may be a small to medium size dog. They are known to be great family pets because they like to play with both humans and other dogs. Make sure you frequently take them on walks, to dog parks, and play catch with them or give them some interactive dog toys.

Due to their high training requirements and potential for stubbornness, these dogs are also not recommended for novice dog owners. They can often have a mind of their own, which can be a challenge to control. To acquire the greatest results from the crossbreed, they require a strong, knowledgeable handler.

As was already noted, these dogs may be obstinate, and housebreaking them might be difficult. They are a good family dog for any type of family, and are also suspicious of strangers – which makes them a great guard dog. They even have the inherited need to protect their owner and their family from the GSD, making them remarkable family pets.

Nevertheless, with the appropriate handler, this breed is obedient. They are intelligent, observant, and passionately loyal. They can be a bit stubborn, but that could be easily resolved by obedience training and, in general, training at an early age. This dog breed is generally without any major health issues.

They need regular vet checks, just to be sure that everything is going according to plan. They are also a low-maintenance dog breed, which only needs to be brushed once or twice a week, and bathed every now and then.

Provide them good dog food and some additional supplements, with a few treats a day for some positive reinforcement training, and you will get a healthy and happy German Shepherd Chihuahua mix.

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Since German Shepherd dog mixes are becoming more popular as time goes by, it can also be beneficial for you to check out some other German Shepherd dog mixed breeds.

The German Shepherd dog mixed breeds usually inherit the most important guarding instincts, which every dog owner tends to want their dog to have. The crossbreed can result in being of a medium to a large size.

Some mixed breeds containing the German Shepherd dog that I would recommend you to take a look at are:
German Shepherd Pug Mix
Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix
Cane Corso German Shepherd Mix
Bullmastiff German Shepherd Mix
German Shepherd Border Collie Mix
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