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German Shepherd Does The Craziest Thing At The Vet’s Office That No Other Dog Has Ever Done

German Shepherd Does The Craziest Thing At The Vet’s Office That No Other Dog Has Ever Done

Working at Dove Creek Animal Hospital keeps the staff on their toes with a variety of patients and medical cases daily, ensuring there is never a dull moment. 

Although the staff at this veterinary practice in New York has encountered countless surprises throughout their careers, what this German Shepherd did left them completely in shock. 

The team was left utterly shocked, but it has definitely brought unexpected joy and huge smiles to their faces. 

Cone Of Shame Or Cone Of PRIDE? 

The hospital’s CCTV thankfully captured the entire moment, which they later posted to their partner hospital’s TikTok page. 

The hilarious video has since gone viral, garnering millions of views. 

So, you must be wondering what exactly this German Shepherd did…?

The video shows a black and tan German Shepherd dog named Ranger standing in the veterinary practice with his owners, who seem to be chatting with the veterinarian. 

The dog had his neck cone (famously dubbed as the “cone of shame” due to how much dogs dislike it) just removed because he no longer needed to wear it. 

While talking with the owners, the veterinarian casually places the cone on the floor, and the dog immediately goes for it. 

Ranger voluntarily somehow places the cone back on his neck and proudly looks up at the veterinarian, who couldn’t believe her eyes. 

The video narrator said: “This may be the first time this has ever happened in the history of dogs. Working at the veterinary hospital, we are still in shock. This pup no longer needed to wear his e-collar, but he became so attached that he decided to put it back on himself.”

The vet burst out laughing hysterically. Take a look: 

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Ranger was so proud of himself that he even kept asking for approval. 

Dogs Usually Dislike It 

The vet was so shocked to see Ranger put his cone back on right away, as dogs typically dislike wearing them. 

As a matter of fact, this was the first time the New York veterinary staff saw a dog exhibit such behavior. However, as per the comments, it seems there are other dogs out there who genuinely love their “cones of shame.” 

“It’s a German shepherd thing, mine did the same. After she healed from her surgery, we found that she put it on herself when it was time for bed,” one person commented. 

The other user said, “Awwww my Shepard was the same!! She didn’t want us to take the cone off and would cry for us to put it back on!”

Some dogs love the praise and all the extra attention they get after putting on the cone, which just makes them want to wear one. 

Quite often, they are rewarded with pets and treats, which could be an additional reason for their willingness to wear the cone.

We don’t know why Ranger did it, but we do know he is definitely a certified good boy!