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Gentle Pittie Is So Happy To See Her Baby Sister’s Ultrasound 

Gentle Pittie Is So Happy To See Her Baby Sister’s Ultrasound 

Who said they’re notoriously dangerous and a menace to society?

I want to find that person and show him this video!

See, Pitbulls are gentle creatures, true friends, and lovebugs like no other breed!

I feel so bad for hearing about how people despise Pitbulls just because some specimens of the breed were raised in terrible conditions, with lots of stress, anxiety, and bad treatment. 

People get especially squirmy about Pitbulls and babies, even if it isn’t their baby in question. 

Why doesn’t anyone believe that a sweet Pitbull can be a great big brother or sister?

The family of Ben Berger, from New Jersey, was expecting an addition, and it wasn’t a canine or feline this time. 

The stork was about to visit them and bring a lovely baby girl. 

And, the family’s dog, a Pittie girl named Celeste, was never in question.

Ben and his wife were both sure that Celeste would like the fact that a baby was coming, but they had no idea the canine sister would be so thrilled!

When A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

cute dog with scarf
Source: The Dodo

Benjamin Berger, producer and video editor for the popular The Dodo, has seen it all. Countless footage of dogs being kind to other animals, humans, or babies has gone through his hands. And yet, he never experienced anything like this before. 

Still, you never know what the future holds.

The moment Ben and his wife, Leah, found out they were expecting, an idea was born: 

They had to see how Celeste, the Pittie, would react to it.

As you probably know, dogs seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to pregnancies. They always know it before we do. 

And boy did Celeste know! 

The very second Leah showed her an ultrasound photo of her future baby sister, Celeste felt how the love overwhelmed her. Her little tail started wagging.

dog and ultrasound pictures
Source: The Dodo

It seemed as if she knew what those tiny black-and-white photos meant. Celeste definitely felt that soon enough, her world would be changed for the better because she’d be getting a new best friend.

The look in her eyes, the happiness that was threatening to explode, and that sweet tail wagging told Ben and Leah everything they needed to know.

Their baby girl will be so adored by this sweet Pitbull gal.

This Is My Baby, Zoe

kid and black dog
Source: The Dodo

Nine months is a long period of time. Still, time somehow flies by when you’re pregnant.

Soon, the little family got their addition: the sweetest little girl they named Zoe.

The moment Zoe got home from the hospital, Celeste was there. 

She couldn’t believe it was finally time to meet her sister – that little creature that was hiding in mom’s belly, sending her love through kicks each time she laid her head there.

Celeste’s new best friend arrived – the one she vouched to protect at all costs.

“In the beginning, Celeste really anointed herself as baby security. The way that Celeste would gaze at Zoe for hours was priceless,” said Ben in the video.

Along came many firsts: first walks, first cuddles, first steps…

happy black dog and baby
Source: @ben_thedodo

And, Celeste was there the entire time, watching over Zoe, probably thinking: is it possible to love someone so much?

Oh, do you really think this love wasn’t reciprocated?

Zoe was in awe of Celeste as much as she was with her! 

The tiny baby turned into a curious toddler with a Pittie right by her side. The life of Ben and his New Jersey-based family became a real Dodo story, like the ones he produces all the time.

When Zoe feels it’s time to go for a walk, she will grab Celeste’s doggy gear and call for her. Nobody can say “no” to this precious little one. 

It sure must be fun growing up with a dog like Celeste.

“It’s just a love story that keeps on going and we’re just happy we both get a front seat,” added Ben.

Ben and Leah did something exceptional for their child: they gave her a dog best friend. 

And, that’s not just some small talk or fluff. Growing up with a dog brings incredible benefits for a child. Studies have shown that kids with dogs have better socio-emotional development and better prosocial behavior. |1|

In other words, those kids grow up kinder, more patient, and more emphatic than those without pets. 

Celeste and Zoe’s friendship started in mom’s belly. It grew stronger with each new ultrasound picture. And, it’s still going strong. 

Such true friendships never die. 


|1| Elizabeth J. Wenden, Leanne Lester, Stephen R. Zubrick, Michelle Ng, Hayley E. Christian. The relationship between dog ownership, dog play, family dog walking, and pre-schooler social–emotional development: findings from the PLAYCE observational study. 2021. DOI