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A Frightened Dog Refused To Leave The Crate Even After She Was Adopted

A Frightened Dog Refused To Leave The Crate Even After She Was Adopted

When dogs go through abuse at a young age, this doesn’t just leave scars on their body, but on their mental state as well.

Many outright refuse to accept any contact from humans afterward out of fear that such an encounter will lead to even more abuse.

It’s just so tragic that dogs go through this, even today. In this story, we will talk about a couple from Arkansas who adopted an abused dog and wanted to help him recover.

A Traumatised Dog

cute dog in the house
Source: The Dodo

When Mavyn was first adopted by her wonderful family from Arkansas, she was not warmed up to them at all, and she would refuse to leave her crate.

It was already clear to them that she had suffered abuse for a long time before she got a new chance, and they wanted to give her all the time she needed to process things.

One of the family members, Nick, told The Dodo: She eventually would come out and very slowly eat.

However, she was reluctant to make any bigger moves outside her crate. It took a while before she mustered up the courage to do so.

She just seemed so scared and depressed that the entire situation seemed hopeless, but the family would not give up.

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Source: The Dodo

It took five days for Mavyn to leave the crate and feel safe enough to walk around a little bit. 

Madison said: We took it very slow, but we definitely celebrated the tiny victories.

They decided to try a new strategy. Nick and Madison left the house and waited to see if Mavyn would follow them.

Surprisingly, she came right outside pretty fast and hugged Madison, which was a huge milestone on this journey, as it meant that she was getting more comfortable around them.

She said: It really was, like, a switch just flipped for her.

Start Of Something New And Better

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Source: The Dodo

Ever since that fateful day, her attitude has shifted significantly and she is so much happier now. Mavyn just loves to hug everyone now and her playful side has also started to shine through.

She even became more trusting to other people, and she would show it by hugging everyone she liked.

The sweet couple also bought Mavyn her own special toy and it was the best decision they made.

She and her new plushie have remained inseparable ever since it came into her possession and it’s just adorable.

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Source: The Dodo

Nick said. It’s always within, probably, five feet of her.  

Because they knew that Mavyn’s life would get even better with a new friend and a companion, the couple adopted Luna six months later.

The two got along really well, even from the beginning, and their friendship was just something beautiful.

They were playing pretty much all the time. Nick and Madison were so proud of the progress she made since she was adopted.

Madison said: There’s so many dogs like Mavyn who just need the right people to find them and give them a few days to learn to trust.