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This Frightened Dog Learned What Love Feels Like After Being Saved By Wonderful People

This Frightened Dog Learned What Love Feels Like After Being Saved By Wonderful People

Being an animal rescuer is not easy. Every day, you have to deal with so much heartbreak in many different ways.

However, what always amazes me about them is their ability to save a broken dog and restore his playful and happy spirit. 

It’s almost like a superpower because they are completely transformed after spending some time with their rescuers.

In this story, we will talk about a scared dog who learned that he could trust his saviors, and gave them a new chance.

A Very Malnourished Dog

a frightened dog on a leash sniffs the pavement
Source: The Dodo

When Violet was first saved by her rescuers from I Stand With My Pack, from California, she was just so frightened that she barely even interacted with any of them.

She was incredibly malnourished, and a trip to the vet revealed that she was severely underweight, at about 19.4 pounds, when she should have been at least 40 pounds.

Seeing this image was heartbreaking, as there is no telling just how long this dog was struggling and starving without anyone helping him.

the woman squeals in front of the dog and pet him
Source: The Dodo 

They made sure to find her a foster home in California pretty quickly and Whitney Cummings stepped in and took care of her.

In her care, Violet was recovering slowly and gaining some weight back. She also realized that Whitney only wanted what was best for her, so she managed to relax around her.

A Brand-New Start For Violet

the girl is petting the dog lying on the couch
Source: The Dodo 

This meant that she was way more playful and that she trusted her. Whitney then introduced her to the other dogs in the house and she fit right in.

They loved playing together, but at times, it seemed like they couldn’t match Violet’s newly-discovered energy. She was just so happy all the time.

After several months in her care, Violet was a completely changed dog. She was barely recognizable now. 

Her health had improved drastically, her weight was normal, and she was just such a high-spirited dog who enjoyed being around people.

a woman in a car with a dog
Source: The Dodo 

However, that meant that it was time for her to find her forever home. And, it didn’t take long for someone to step in.

While it was hard for Whitney to say goodbye, she knew that Violet was going to a wonderful home with people who would take care of her.

In the end, it shows just how difficult it can be sometimes seeing a starving pup, but it’s all worth it when you see them recover and grow into a beautiful and happy dog.