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Friendly Stray Dog Found In A Distant Location Is Ready For A New Life

Friendly Stray Dog Found In A Distant Location Is Ready For A New Life

Almost every day, many of us dog lovers are bombarded with stories or videos about a dog who was abused and ended up depressed due to neglect.

It’s not too often that we see a stray dog who is just very happy and friendly to anyone he meets, even though people treat him horribly a lot of the time.

That kind of thing is really rare, and it demonstrates just how amazing our furry friends are and why we must treasure the bond we have with them.

In this story, we will talk about a stray dog who was very excited to meet his rescuers who would get him to safety.

He Is So Cheerful

brown dog sunbathing
Source: Howl Of A Dog

When a group of rescuers from Howl of a Dog was made aware of a stray dog living in a rural area, they knew that somebody needed to help him, and they took that task upon themselves.

Upon arriving at that area of the village, the dog was already waiting there, as if expecting somebody to come.

They were surprised by his immediate friendliness as he was a stray and never had an owner prior to that, so it’s common for dogs like this to be very afraid.

However, the dog, now named Remy, was different. He had faith in other humans and loved interacting with them often.

sweet dog laying on a concrete
Source: Howl Of A Dog

One thing the rescuers immediately noticed about him was that he had a burnt mark on his nose, which was strange but not uncommon.

For some reason, it’s a practice in some areas to burn a dog’s nose because people believe it will improve their immune system.

It’s a horrible practice, and people who don’t know a lot about dogs should not even think about doing something like this to them.

Despite this, Remy remained very trusting of other humans, which was almost an anomaly at this point.

Remy’s New Life

brown dog standing on a grass
Source: Howl Of A Dog

The rescuers found out that a lady who worked in a grocery store nearby fed him almost all the time, and she treated him with respect.

His rescuers thought about what happened to him, and they asked around, but there were no answers, only theories.

One theory was that he might have actually had an owner once, which would explain his burn mark, the other was that there was simply a stray person looking after him when he showed up.

Either way, there was no point in thinking about that now. They had to do something to help him find a home.

The rescuers kept trying, but nobody was interested despite the fact that he was such a sweet dog. That wasn’t enough for some.

Brown dog playing with its toy
Source: Howl Of A Dog

So, when they exhausted their options, the rescuers from Howl Of A Dog took Remy to their shelter and let him stay there.

It was warm, and he had lots of food, water, and friends to play with. It was perfect for him as he was not used to this level of comfort.

Even though it was a difficult road for her, the wonderful rescuers who worked at the shelter actually managed to find a wonderful family for Remy.

She was so happy to meet them all, and they were happy to be with her. It’s really amazing to see when such a sweet dog finally finds his forever home.