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Friendly Dog Waits By The Fence Every Day To Give Her Neighbors Cute Hugs

Friendly Dog Waits By The Fence Every Day To Give Her Neighbors Cute Hugs

All doggos, despite the breed, deserve to be loved. Unfortunately, the general opinion these days isn’t in favor of bully dogs who are quite often perceived as violent.

The truth is, selective interpretation is one of the biggest problems regarding this issue, and it definitely doesn’t do good to these dogs.

When treated and raised properly, even bully breeds can be huge lovebugs and just the greatest companions ever!

Today, Tubs, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, is here to break down all the negative stereotypes! This amazing dog has practically united the entire community with her hauntingly cute, daily ritual – and proved that her breed is definitely worth loving!

The Sweetest Ritual

What Tubs does on a daily basis is beyond-words adorable! Since her puppyhood, this Staffy has been greeting her neighbors from the inside of her fence

Every afternoon, she sits near the front door, waiting for the first passerby to approach the fence – and that’s when it all starts! She equips herself with a wagging tail and enthusiasm, stands up at the fence, and starts spreading her love to every single person.

“Once she got bigger and bigger, she would perk up on the fence and wait for those neighbors and they’d eventually see her. Once she started getting taller, she would start realizing that these people were here to see her,” Isabella told The Dodo.

Tubs regularly greets around 10 to 20 people per day! It all started out with a few neighbors who were passing by her house and stopped to pet her, but as time went by, the number increased!

Now, Tugs has almost her whole community gathered in front of the fence – and she loves it! She even has her own gate sign that says: “Tubs is friendly. She would love a gentle pat!”

In Love With Every Single Soul

Tubs’ ritual became an everyday thing, and it actually helped her mom, Isabella, during the worst of times. Seeing this sweet dog that was supposed to be dangerous (according to general opinion) spread love to each and every person is priceless.

She is literally in love with everyone! She loves adults, children, other dogs, and all kinds of animals. Still, dad remains her favorite person in the world!

“That connection those two have is like a father daughter connection,” says Isabella.

The two have just the most amazing relationship in the world. Every time Connor comes home from work, she greets him with the warmest kiss and wraps herself around him like a little girl.

Besides, she is the perfect mind-reader and her empathy is just stunning! Tubs is always there to brighten her mom and dad’s day, even when things aren’t that great.

“Tubs reads me incredibly well. She will know when I’m upset. She’ll know when I’m happy. She’s just really taken to me and that’s why I like to call her my little shadow,” says Isabella.

She’s definitely a dog worth having, and excellent proof that Staffies, just like any other dog breed, are amazing pets!

You can keep up with Tubs and her family on their official Instagram!