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Friendly Dog Is In The Yard Every Morning To Greet His Favorite Mail Lady

Friendly Dog Is In The Yard Every Morning To Greet His Favorite Mail Lady

In cartoons and movies, we are used to seeing scenes of dogs chasing postmen from their territories. There is nothing strange here – the postman does his job and the dog does his.

However, stereotypes are here to be broken and this one is no exception. Sometimes, the completely opposite can happen, and one dog responds to the love and attention of a friendly mail deliverer a hundredfold. 

It is the main character of today’s story, the beautiful, gentle giant who shows us how love can win over anything, even the most entrenched stereotypes if it is a real one.

He Was Always Friendly In Nature, Even To Complete Strangers

When Fronky’s mom first met him, she knew this English Mastiff was special. Although he quickly grew into a big boy, his bulk was deceiving because he always remained a gentle giant.

His wide heart welcomed everyone into its quarters, from other dogs such as his best friend, Apollo, to members of his beloved family, to complete strangers passing by the yard to greet him.

There simply wasn’t a soul that passed his threshold that he wouldn’t salute and allow to pet him. 

He very quickly became one of the favorite dogs in the suburbs of Millbrae, where his home is, and more and more people came to experience his friendly approach.

However, even though he showed love to every passer-by, he also had his favorite who held a special place in his heart.

This Lady Definitely Captured His Heart

We Shaun is the mailwoman in charge of the Millbrae area where Fronky’s home is. When Fronky saw her for the first time one Monday, she was just one of the passers-by he had to say “Hello” to. 

But, as Shaun visited his yard every Monday and always expressed her love and friendship for him with the same fervor, Fronky simply could not remain indifferent to it.

She didn’t hesitate to caress him and even hug him. She would put all other shipments aside just so she could cuddle him.

So, on one occasion, she stayed with him so much that she was almost late for all her other obligations. However, she didn’t care because this dog gave her so much joy in her daily work.

She also quickly gained his trust and a special place in his heart as well. It didn’t take long to see Fronky waiting impatiently on the fence every morning for his favorite mail lady to come and brighten up his traditionally gloomy Monday.

And, the reaction is always the same. Fronky happily wags his tail, cannot control his happy emotions, and quickly throws himself into the arms of the person who has forever occupied a special place in his life.

It was “love at first bark” and a special bond that was hard to break. To this day, the relationship has not broken and this gentle giant will, as long as she comes, wait for his favorite mail lady.

This short story is actually proof of how big a dog’s heart is and how much love hoomans’ best furry friends can give you back if you just show them sincere emotion.