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Adorable French Bulldog Who Was Found Dragging Her Paralyzed  Legs Is Rescued By The Most Incredible Hoomans

Adorable French Bulldog Who Was Found Dragging Her Paralyzed  Legs Is Rescued By The Most Incredible Hoomans

The streets can be a very scary place.

This is especially true when you are a little helpless pup who is doing its best to survive. But, even with the best efforts, some doggos find themselves in very sticky situations.

This is exactly what happened to a little French Bulldog who was saved at the last moment after being in a very bad accident that left her severely hurt.

A Very Unfortunate Case

French Bulldog with paralyzed legs
Source: Facebook

This sweet girl, who was later named Wiggles, was found dragging her body on the streets of California, hoping somebody would notice her and offer a helping hand.

Luckily, she was found by the rescuers of Animal Friends of the Valley, in Wildomar, California, who transported her to the Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles so that she could get the help she desperately needed.

“We often work with that shelter so they contacted us and asked if we would rescue Wiggles,” Gwenn Vallone told Newsweek.

Since Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, care, and placement of pugs in need, the staff at Animal Friends of the Valley knew that Wiggles would be in good hands.

Even though the organization mostly concentrates on Pugs, they knew that the special-needs Frenchies who have trouble walking usually end up euthanized at shelters, so they decide to take them in themselves whenever they are able to do so.

Hearing Wiggle’s story, the Los Angeles shelter welcomed her in with open arms.

Second Chance At Life

Even though nobody knew anything about her past life, a quick checkup at the vet confirmed that it was not a good one.

“She was underweight when she arrived, not spayed, had no use of her back legs, and was incontinent,” Vallone said.

frenchie sitting with green decorations
Source: Facebook

Unfortunately, Wiggles was suffering from intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), an injury that affects the back and can result in mild discomfort or, in severe cases, paralysis.

“It’s very common in French bulldogs. One day they are walking and they suddenly lose their ability to walk or empty their bladder and bowels by themselves,” Vallone said.

When a French Bulldog is diagnosed with IVDD, most of their owners do not want to take care of them, so they end up abandoning them on the street.

“Sometimes, an owner will take the dog to the vet and they are told the dog needs an expensive MRI and back surgery, and usually that is when people will dump them on the streets or in shelters,” she added.

Even though IVDD can be reversed by surgery in some cases, most of the owners wait too long to take their dogs to the vet, making the condition permanent.

french bulldog with scarf
Source: Facebook

However, even in such a condition, Wiggles is one happy girl.

“Since Wiggles has arrived, she’s been a very happy dog. She is extremely loving and upbeat, really fun to have around and other than the fact that she cannot walk, she is like any other dog. She loves to play, eat and be loved,” Vallone said.

This is probably due to the fact that she is in a safe and loving environment in which she can relax and not worry about having to fend for herself on the harsh street in such a hard condition.

Vallone refuses to give up hope and tries her best to provide Wiggles with the best forever home ever.

“There are quite a few people out there who also know how to take care of a dog like Wiggles, so our hope is that an adopter will come forward for her, so she can have a home of her own and get more individualized attention,” she said.

easter french bulldog
Source: Facebook

Vallone is even offering to train the hoomans who are willing to take Wiggles in by showing them how to properly take care of a special-needs dog as she knows that not everybody has that experience.

As the staff waits for somebody to come in and swoop this sweet girl off her paws, Wiggles is more than happy with her current home.

“Wiggles spends her days in our ‘free bird’ area, meaning she’s in the kitchen area where staff spends a lot of time, so she has constant supervision and company there. We also have quite a few other special-needs dogs, so they all hang out together and keep each other company,” Vallone concluded.

She loves spending her time playing with the hoomans and other furry friends, allowing her to forget all about her past and fully embrace her bright future.

I am sure that in no time, Wiggles will become a part of a loving family that will overlook her disabilities and see her for the sweet girl she truly is.

Good luck, Wiggles!