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Foster Puppies Can’t Contain Excitement When Their Mommy Gets Fostered Too

Foster Puppies Can’t Contain Excitement When Their Mommy Gets Fostered Too

Two little Chihuahua puppies that looked so much alike came into a local shelter in Fort Worth, Texas at different times. When another one was brought in, the staff immediately started to assume that they were siblings, which ultimately turned out to be true. 

Unfortunately, the overcrowding of the shelter and the young age of the pups with no mother put these babies at high risk of euthanasia. 

But, when the good people from Fort Worth Abandoned Animal Alliance heard about this sad situation, they didn’t wait a moment, but immediately found a foster home for these little cuties. 

However, things did not go in the right direction at the very beginning. 

They Flourished When They Saw Her

adorable puppies in woman's hands
Source: Madeleine CW

When their new foster mom, Madeleine, brought them home, Reeses and Snickers, as she named them, were lifeless, fearful, and hardly ate or moved for almost two days. Madeleine was desperate and didn’t know what to do. 

But then, the miracle happened. According to The Dodo, she got a text from the president of the rescue: “I think we found the momma…?” 

According to the FWAAA Facebook post, they were contacted by a local trapper who stated that there was a small black Chihuahua spotted in the same area where the two puppies were found. 

Madeleine had no choice but to keep her fingers crossed that it was really their mom. They brought her in a cage to Madeleine’s house, and when Reeses and Snickers saw that cage, they couldn’t hide their happiness and delight.

“That is definitely Momma,” Madeleine shouted. It was a moment of pure joy – a reunion you could only wish to see in person. 

puppies in foster
Source: The Dodo

From the moment they saw Godiva, as Madeleine named the mother, these two furry fellows started eating again, being cheerful and playful, and they turned into normal puppies.

“The change was amazing,” Madeleine happily concluded. 

It Was The Smell Of Freedom

happy woman getting selfie with puppies
Source: Madeleine CW

Right after this amazing reunion, the personalities of these two little puppies really started to develop. 

“They were much more ready to bond with me and play with me,” Madeleine said. 

What pleased her the most was their huge desire for freedom going outside, playing, and socializing with other pups

When she made this possible for them, they were more than delighted. Even though they were still quite close to their mother, the puppies began to explore their surroundings and become more and more independent.

foster puppies
Source: Facebook

There were some problems with Snickers, the little brown puppy, as he was more difficult to separate from mommy due to his shy nature. Nevertheless, even his progress was quite visible.

“We know he is gaining confidence in us and in himself,” Madeleine said. “That is my favorite part of fostering them.” 

Soon, this amazing little family was fully ready for some new life challenges. And, since everything started fantastically from that most beautiful reunion in their lives, the good things just continued.

Happy Ending For All

It hasn’t been long since the puppies and their mother became ready for adoption, and the FWAAA already announced some fantastic news on their official Facebook page

“Reeces (now Bentley) is adopted!!! Happy tails little one, your FWAAA family loves you!” they wrote in the post. 

Just five days later, they posted another one. This time, Snickers, whom his new owner named Harry, was heading home.

senior man with puppies
Source: Facebook

Only the mom, Godiva, remained, but unfortunately, there was no such happy post about her for the next several months. 

Then, at one moment, Madeleine decided to take matters into her own hands. She took care of the future of this brave canine mother with whom she had developed a strong bond over time.

“This sweet momma has had quite the journey, from a life on the streets, to the most heartwarming reunion with her puppies, and even being featured on The Dodo! Turns out, she was home all along and was officially adopted yesterday by her foster family!” FWAAA wrote in their Facebook post

With this, the heartwarming story of a family that had a rough start in life was finally rounded off – a story that several miracles turned into a fairy tale.