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Foster Mom Wakes Up To The Sweetest Surprise Hidden In Her Dog’s Bed

Foster Mom Wakes Up To The Sweetest Surprise Hidden In Her Dog’s Bed

Fostering a puppy is a special kind of kindness. For people to accept stray or abandoned dogs in their home and help them recover from the emotional turmoil they had to deal with is just a heroic act.

So many of these dogs desperately need a new, fresh start, and until they can get one, a foster parent is there every step of the way to make sure they heal up and get ready to step into their forever home.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who has gone through so much, but also had another surprise on the way that nobody knew about.

A New Foster Family

When she first agreed to foster a dog, Kaitlin Devoto didn’t know much. In fact, she knew nothing at all.

She said for the Dodo: I didn’t know the gender or age. The first time we knew what she looked like was when she arrived in Cincinnati when I picked her up.

When she was at the pickup center in New York, she saw the most beautiful red poodle. She noticed that the dog might have been producing milk, but assumed it was probably due to a litter.

She continued by saying: It’s not unusual to receive a puppy mill Momma who’s still lactating. When their puppies are weaned, moms are ‘no longer useful’.

The dog also seemed like it had been starving for a long time, but Devoto has a very nutritious solution for that. She grabbed the poodle and took her home.

Adorable Little Surprise

Four days after she took the dog into foster care, she was awoken by something unusual. She came to the dog and realized there was a small puppy in the dog bed.

Apparently, she delivered him over the night and Devoto was completely oblivious to the fact it happened.

She checked to see if there were any more puppies on the way, but it turned out that it was just that one.

Devoto knew she had to act fast, so she did her best to make sure the momma and her baby were comfortable. She took a few comfortable blankets and placed them next to the dogs.

When she examined the new puppy, he was male and resembled a chicken nugget; hence, the reason for his new name.

The woman said: He was very quickly named Chicky Nug. But I was stumped on a name for Momma that fit the same theme.

Now, all she had to do was name his mom, and it had to fit the new theme, so she was called Mickey D.

An Exciting New Future

Time has gone by and the newborn puppy has now grown quite a bit and is very playful. Devoto said:  He loves to run around and do zoomies. And he’s very interested in biting toes and toys.

Mickey also loves playing with her new toys, and apparently, her shy attitude is dwindling and she is becoming more outgoing as time goes on.

Currently, the dog family is still with Devoto and is enjoying their stay there. However, soon, they will go with a new family to their forever homes. The dogs will go through a standard adoption process with the help of Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue in New York.

It’s unclear if they found their new families, but there is no doubt in my mind that someone will want to adopt such adorable dogs.