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Foster Mom Couldn’t Believe What Her New Dog’s Unusual Habit Was

Foster Mom Couldn’t Believe What Her New Dog’s Unusual Habit Was

A dog is truly a man’s best friend. These kind-hearted animals stick with their hoomans through thick and thin. They’re always there to hold your hand. 

Their loyalty isn’t in question here. 

It’s ours.

Are you, hooman, ready to be there for your dog?

Are you ready to hold your dog’s hand whenever he or she needs it? 

The following story is about Dolly, a rescue dog who really needed a helping hand. 

The Dog With An Unusual Habit

woman holding a dogs paw
Source: Facebook

From the moment she stepped into the shelter, they knew she was a sweet girl. 

She was even housebroken. 

So, why wasn’t a young dog like Dolly adopted that very same day?

Time passed, day after day, and Dolly was still there. 

No one knows exactly why, but the good volunteers at City of Buffalo Animal Shelter, from Buffalo, New York, were convinced Dolly would find her furever home quickly. 

As soon as the potential adopters ignore the black dog syndrome. 

cute black dog puts head on the legs
Source: Facebook

The black dog syndrome? Is that what I think it is? 

Unfortunately, yes. 

The black dog syndrome is something dark-colored dogs experience in shelters. People usually skip on such dogs because they’re either not as stunning-looking as some other colors, or else they are considered dangerous. |1| 

Of course, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. That’s just a silly superstition. 

All dogs are equally valuable. All shelter dogs deserve a loving home. 

Dolly can consider herself lucky. She didn’t get a family (yet), but she did get a foster mom. 

And, that’s one step closer to the ideal scenario. 

When Katie first brought Dolly home, she was a shy girl with zero confidence. It did not take long for Katie to connect with Dolly and bring out the best in her. Dolly truly blossomed into a confident pooch who loves her new life. 

Being so fun-loving and sweet isn’t the only thing Katie learned about Dolly. Her foster mom also learned that Dolly has a unique habit: she insists on holding hands! 

dog giving his paw to woman while driving
Source: Facebook

Ehm… I mean paws!

It all began when Katie wanted to teach Dolly the command “paw.” Dolly liked it so much that she kept on putting her paw up, asking for attention. It was Dolly’s way of getting extra cuddles from Katie. 

“Then it turned into if I was sitting down she would jump up on the bed or couch and sit next to me and instantly put her paw out for me to hold,” Katie said. “She is just so desperate for my attention and affection. She especially loves doing it in the car for some reason.”

As soon as Katie starts the car, there’s Dolly, calling shotgun and holding her paw up in the air as if she is asking for emotional support during the ride.

Paw In Hand Makes A Difference

shelter dog on the street with the scarf sign
Source: Facebook

The black dog syndrome is something omnipresent across the States, not only in the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter. 

I believe it’s finally time to ditch such false beliefs and adopt all dogs no matter their color, coat type, breed, or gender. 

Shelter statistics are devastating each year. Compared to other U.S. states, the situation in New York is quite good. The total saving rate is 90.6%, with room for improvement, as always.

However, there are still States like Texas and California, where the saving rate is drastically lower, at 76.7%. 

Not a lot of dogs like Dolly get a second chance. Not a lot of dogs like Dolly get a loving foster mom who would go out and about to meet their needs and help find them a furever home. 

Dolly is truly a lucky gal. She’s got someone to snuggle with her all the time, bring her treats, and work hard on her future. 

Most importantly, she’s got someone to hold her paw. 

Think about how many dogs never get someone to hold their paw!

Will you be the one to reach out and give your hand? 

Because a paw in hand makes a difference today, tomorrow, and forever. 


|1| HJ Svoboda, CL Hoffman. Investigating the role of coat colour, age, sex, and breed on outcomes for dogs at two animal shelters in the United States. (2023). DOI