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Formerly Blind Pup Is Over The Moon To See His Dad’s Face Again After Surgery

Formerly Blind Pup Is Over The Moon To See His Dad’s Face Again After Surgery

Our pups are our family members whom we love unconditionally, and their happiness and well-being is our main priority. When they feel unwell, we do everything in our power to provide them the best care and treatment possible and to nurse them back to health.

In our following story, we’ll talk about Bob, a wonderful pooch who had gone blind after his mild case of cataracts got worse. The once happy pup became sad and unable to enjoy life as he used to in the past.

Bob’s World Changes

The pup’s blindness affected his life tremendously. He became quiet and he didn’t play anymore. He was also fearful that he would bump into furniture. 

Bob loved his dad deeply. There was nothing that he loved more than running into his arms after he came home. That was his favorite part of the day.

Sadly, he couldn’t do that anymore. He was unable to see his dad and shower him with kisses.

Bob’s family wished for their pup to get better. They wanted him to be the joyful boi that he used to be. They reached out to Mércia Amaro, a veterinary ophthalmologist who had excellent news for them.

Amaro told them that it was possible to restore Bob’s vision. He needed to undergo cataract surgery. Bob’s parents couldn’t wait to see happiness on his face again, and they scheduled an appointment for the surgery.

As expected, the cataract surgery was a success, and Bob’s world had color again.

“Right after the operation, he already showed encouraging signs. He kept looking up at us, as if to say, ‘I can see,’” Amaro told The Dodo.

The Pup Smiles Again

Bob was looking forward to seeing his hoomans, especially his beloved dad whom he missed very much. 

Bob’s family was excited to reunite with their delightful dog, and they visited him the next day. 

As soon as the delightful boi saw his dad, he smiled from ear to ear and ran to him. His tail wagged non-stop while he was hugging his dad. The pawdorable pooch was over the moon. 

Bob’s eyes sparkled with joy as he looked at his dad. It seemed like he couldn’t believe that he was able to see him again.

“He totally transformed. There was so much joy. It was very moving,” Amaro said.

Bob’s family was thrilled to see that their pooch was happy again. After he recovered, they took him home and showered him with love.

Bob was overjoyed to return home. Surrounded with love and affection, he continued to thrive.

I couldn’t be happier that the sweet canine regained his eyesight and that he lives his best life with his family who adores him.