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A Fluffy Cub Entangled In A Soccer Net Forced Rescuers To React Quickly

A Fluffy Cub Entangled In A Soccer Net Forced Rescuers To React Quickly

People employed in rescue organizations face various challenges every day. Most often, those are our furry companions left on the street to fend for themselves, but this is not always the case. 

Although most of us think that wild animals are capable of fending for themselves, sometimes they find themselves in difficult situations in which they need human assistance. 

This is exactly what a Good Samaritan witnessed when he was passing by a soccer field and saw a poor tiny being entangled in a net one day. 

He realized that the cub needed help, so he immediately called experienced rescuers. 

Successful Rescue Mission

As soon as they got the call, rescuers from The Fox Project (TFP) rushed to that place to help the poor baby fox, later named Millie

Although they were heartbroken when they saw the poor animal, they were not at all surprised because it was not the first time they had encountered this kind of situation. 

“We are devastated to share that Millie is the ninth cub in just weeks to become entangled in football goal netting,” TFP wrote in their Facebook post

However, they didn’t have much time to waste, but immediately had to get to work to save the animal. When they came closer, they found a distraught Millie trying to free herself from the net that was wrapped around her body.

Since she was terrified, these people gently approached her in order for her to understand that they did not wish her harm, but that they were there to help her. 

As soon as Millie managed to relax a bit, the rescue team gently pinned her to the floor using a towel. After that, one of the rescuers carefully cut the parts of the net that occupied her legs and head.

When they were able to do that successfully, this baby fox was finally free, and her recovery at TFP could begin.

Back Where She Belongs

Millie’s rescuers were over the moon when they saw that the fox was in good health despite everything she’d been through. That certainly wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for their quick reaction, but they couldn’t escape the thought that this situation could have been avoided. 

“This heartbreaking situation CAN BE PREVENTED by simply rolling up the netting when not in use,” TFP wrote. “While many do not survive this ordeal, thankfully, Millie did.”

Either way, Millie was safe now, and she didn’t miss anything at TFP. These people provided her with the necessary nutrition and hydration to regain her health. To their delight, her rehabilitation didn’t last long, and she was soon ready to return to the wild

For these people, it was the most beautiful moment in this entire rescue story.

“Through thorough assessment and observations, Millie has shown incredible resilience and determination,” TFP wrote in another Facebook post. “We are overjoyed to see her return to the wild, where she belongs.”

Although all this could have been avoided, the most important thing is that this story has a happy ending – thanks to big-hearted people for whom every life is equally important.