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Heroic Florida Family Saves A Missing Dog Stuck In The Middle Of The Lake

Heroic Florida Family Saves A Missing Dog Stuck In The Middle Of The Lake

You never know when you’re about to witness something truly shocking or who you might end up saving.

On Sunday, February 2024, a Florida family was spending time at Lake Dupont when they suddenly discovered a strange creature trying to stay afloat in the water. When they looked a little closer, they identified a dog being helpless in the attempt to get out. 

All of a sudden, what was a calm weekend getaway turned into a Baywatch rescue mission. Within minutes, the family, alongside the members of the local community, rushed into action! 

Unexpected Sunday Action

Leslie Acosta, from Deltona, Florida, was quite shocked when she saw a Shepherd-Lab mix swimming in the middle of the lake. The dog looked extremely tired and exhausted from trying to reach the shore.

Being well aware of the lake currents and gators, Acosta and her family immediately sprung into action.

“You don’t know about the underwater currents or if they could be gators,” she told Fox 35 Orlando.

After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to reach the dog with a canoe, one of the locals stepped up – and saved the day!

A resident, Irving Colon, showed all the greatness of humanity when he decided to use his jon boat that he typically uses for fishing and immediately drove to the dog. 

Evidently scared and confused, the dog was successfully picked up from the water and returned to safe ground. 

Colon, a long-time dog owner and lover, was extremely happy to help the poor pup, knowing how hard it would’ve been for him and his owners if things went south.

“If anybody would see my dog or any dog, I am hoping they would do the same thing,” Colon told Fox 35 Orlando.

Later, the rescuers learned that the canine’s name was Dax. He is a five-year-old family dog who went missing 12 hours before he mysteriously ended up in the water. 

According to his owners, Dax ran away through a broken fence and went on a little adventure himself. Never in his wildest dreams could his family have imagined that he would somehow end up fighting for his life in the middle of the lake.

Dax Returned Home Safely

white dog laying on the couch
Source: BNN Breaking

Even though his owners didn’t want to talk on camera, they were extremely grateful to the kind people who stepped up and saved their dog.

According to Fox 35 Orlando, they passed along the following statement:

“We’re incredibly grateful for the individuals who pulled him out of the lake! Not to mention the extra time they put in afterwards to take care for him. Having Dax back means more than they could know. We’re blessed to be surrounded by such a phenomenal community.”

Dax is in perfect health and doing great in his home, without any injuries from his Sunday escapade. Thanks to his local community, Dax gets to spend many more happy days with his family, embarking on exciting adventures. This time, hopefully, far away from the lake.