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Fisherman Was Surprised By Something Moving In The Bushes So He Decided To Check It Out

Fisherman Was Surprised By Something Moving In The Bushes So He Decided To Check It Out

We have to ask ourselves: how often do we take measures to help out the stray and abandoned dogs who live on the streets?

The most likely answer is that it’s not that many. However, it doesn’t have to be that way all the time. 

More often than not, the only thing it takes sometimes is to draw attention to the issue or a simple phone call, and someone capable will help.

Dogs are resilient animals, but even they have a limit and they do need our aid to help them find a forever home.

In this story, we will talk about a fisherman who was just relaxing when he spotted something unusual lurking near him.

Hunter Is So Sweet

fisherman's hands holding a puppy
Source: Animal Rescue

It was an ordinary day when one man from Texas decided to go fishing and spotted something strange. He heard noise coming from under the bridge and went to check it out.

Just near it, he saw a small puppy crying near a bush, and he was devastated to see the condition she was in.

The man immediately called for animal rescuers to help rescue this sweet dog who badly needed them.

After they arrived at the scene, they examined the puppy, now named Hunter, and noticed that he was only five to six weeks old but couldn’t move.

puppy lying on a blanket
Source: Animal Rescue

This was a bad sign, but the rescuers didn’t want to waste any more time, so they rushed her to a veterinary clinic in Texas.

They noticed just how affectionate and relaxed she was. Hunter would lick and hug all of her rescuers as a sign of gratitude for coming to her aid.

After the vets got a closer look at her and gave her an examination, they came to the conclusion that she was dehydrated, had low potassium levels, and an elevated white blood count.

The right step in treatment was to give her fluids which would help remedy all of these problems as soon as possible.

She Is So Lucky

puppy at vet clinic
Source: Animal Rescue

Hunter was already doing a lot better the next day and was in a great mood. Further exams, like an X-ray, were very positive and revealed no additional health problems.

After a few days in the care of her wonderful rescuers, the changes were becoming very apparent. She was beginning to move on her front legs slowly.

While she was still healing, it was an important step to take. After about a week of eating healthy, monitoring her health, and therapy, she was now able to stand on her legs the whole time.

They started her on water therapy, which they believe will help her heal faster and start to move around sooner.

puppies sniffing man indoors
Source: Animal Rescue

After about 11 days, she was now doing much better and was finally able to walk. Her rescuers placed her into foster care, where they could closely monitor her health improvements.

While there, she even made some friends with the other dogs who were in the care of this amazing foster mom.

Hunter would make a full recovery in her care, and she is now finally able to just relax and enjoy her life.

However, that meant that it was now time for the hard step of this journey. Her fosters had to find a suitable family for Hunter.

Unsurprisingly, they managed to find a home for her and another foster dog pretty quick. They were taken into a wonderful home and are now living their best life.