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Firefighters Worked Tirelessly To Save This Sweet Dog Who Was Stuck Inside Of A Wall

Firefighters Worked Tirelessly To Save This Sweet Dog Who Was Stuck Inside Of A Wall

Aside from the fact that they are our cuddle babies and an unlimited source of love and loyalty, dogs are also known for their mischievousness. Although those mischiefs are often funny and heartwarming, they can also lead to some problematic situations from time to time. 

It was the same this time when Faye, a two-year-old dog from Garden Grove, California got stuck inside the wall of her family home. This dog’s unlimited curiosity led her into a tight spot after crawling into the wall through a plumbing access door. 

Her owners tried everything to get their family pet to safety, but it was all in vain. Then they remembered that firefighters don’t only rescue cats from trees, but they sometimes also deal with dogs that find themselves in similar situations.

They immediately called 911, and the rescue operation began.

A Joyful Rescue Moment

As soon as the firefighters from the Orange County Fire Authority got a call about a dog stuck inside the wall, they immediately rushed to the place where this accident happened. 

A video shared on the Orange County Fire Authority Facebook profile shows two firefighters in front of the wall that Fay is inside of and one holding a sledgehammer with which he is about to break through it.

After a few moments, that’s exactly what happens, with the firefighter lightly hitting the wall, slowly making a hole for the dog to pass through. Then comes the happiest moment of this rescue operation as Faye’s head finally emerges from the hole.

“This pup was pretty happy to see the firefighters’ friendly faces and reunite with loved ones,” it is stated in the post. 

Needless to say, the firefighters themselves, and especially Faye’s family, were over the moon when they finally saw her. Yet, after hugging Faye and thanking the firefighters for the successful rescue, the family jokingly warned them that they could easily see each other again.

“According to the family, Faye is probably already planning her next bit of mischief. Who knows…maybe we’ll see her again soon! 🐶” they wrote at the end of the post. 

It Attracted A Lot Of Attention

The news about this heartwarming rescue did not stay within the borders of Garden Grove, California, but spread across the country

As you can already see, the firefighters posted a video on their Facebook post. Thanks to that, some popular media outlets were able to see it and make a report. One of those was KCAL-TV

In an interview with this media, Julian Nguyen, one of Faye’s owners, explained his unsuccessful attempt to rescue the dog. 

“I was getting my hand, kneeling down, and trying to reach my arm all the way through to pull her back. But she was way too far inside already,” he said. 

However, one of the firefighters, Hector Jimenez, said that it was not at all a surprise because they themselves would not have been able to locate the dog so easily if they had not used the thermal imaging camera. 

In the end, Dat Nguyen, the other Faye’s owner, thanked the firefighters from the bottom of his heart and said the agency went “beyond [their] duties.”