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Firefighters Team Up To Rescue A Great Dane Puppy From A 50-Foot-Deep Old Well

Firefighters Team Up To Rescue A Great Dane Puppy From A 50-Foot-Deep Old Well

When an 11-month-old Great Dane puppy named Mudge ended up accidentally plunging 50 feet into an old well, a North Carolina family had no other choice but to call 9-1-1. 

First responders from three fire departments teamed up to save the furry member of the family that found herself in such an unfortunate situation. 

The rescue mission was not easy by any means, but thanks to the heroic efforts of the firefighters, Mudge was safely rescued after several hours of being trapped. 

A Large Dog Trapped In A Deep Hole

While exploring the wooded area on her family’s Wake County property, Mudge accidentally tumbled into a dried-up well.

Mudge’s owners, the Haldines, recently purchased the property, and according to WRAL News, the well is located quite a distance away from their house. As a result, they didn’t anticipate any problems.

Mudge and her sister, Moonshine, who were adopted together, love to run along the trails on the property. 

“We have made trails all over the property, and the dogs, they just love to run on the trails, and they always come back,” Janine Halden told WRAL News.  

This time, however, Mudge didn’t return. 

Henry, the Haldine’s young son, was the first to notice that their puppy hadn’t returned home. Sensing that something was wrong, the family decided to search the property. 

As they approached the well, they immediately could hear Mudge barking and calling for help. 

The family called 9-1-1 right away. 

“They come out, and they had to call the right department that has the right equipment. You know, they had to bring that tripod situation with all the climbing harnesses and everything to get down there,” Janine told the local news station. 

Rescue Mission Was Successful 

Crews from three different fire departments (Cary Fire Department, Fairview Rural Fire Department, and Swift Creek Fire Department) decided to team up and work seamlessly together to rescue the dog by using a rope rescue technique, according to their Facebook post. 

A firefighter even had to climb down into the well to help Mudge. 

Thankfully, after several hours and plenty of patience, they were able to pull Mudge to safety.  

“To have her come out and… lick the guy’s face that pulled her out of the hole, like, wow. It was really special,” Janine said. 

According to Cary Fire Department’s Facebook post, a veterinarian also responded to the scene to examine Mudge once she was out, and miraculously found her completely unharmed. 

She only had a small scratch on her ankle, which is nothing considering the fall she had survived. 

The entire family expressed gratitude towards the exceptional firefighters who promptly answered their call and successfully rescued their beloved furry family member.

“They did all of this for my dog, and she is part of our family, truly, so God bless them. They were very organized when they showed up, they had a plan, and they knew exactly what to do,” Janine said.

The family made sure that the well is fully covered now. 

“Part of me kind of wonders, you know, did she fall to save someone else?”, Haldene added. 

Due to the brave actions of multiple firefighters, Mudge could resume frolicking around her residence with the playful spirit of a true puppy.