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Filmmakers Noticed 2 Small Puppies In The Middle Of A Desert So They Decided To Help

Filmmakers Noticed 2 Small Puppies In The Middle Of A Desert So They Decided To Help

Picture this: you are just minding your own business as usual and trying to focus on your work in a pretty big desert when something draws your attention.

It turned out to be two small puppies who couldn’t have been more than two months old. They are coming to you because they are hungry and need help, but what would we all do?

Well, while it may seem like a straightforward answer to some of us, the truth is that a lot of people would simply ignore them and move on with their day, and that is just tragic.

Doing something as simple as giving them a ride to a shelter, or even a phone call to rescue organizations would be more than enough to ensure that they get a new chance.

In this story, we will talk about filmmakers who found these two puppies in a desert and tried to figure out how they could help them.

A New Hope

two puppies in the desert
Source: The Dodo

When the kind people realized that the two puppies were likely hungry, they tried to get close to them in order to help out.

They were surprised to find out that they were very friendly and not scared of humans at all. One of them climbed into a woman’s lap and politely asked for cuddles. He was so adorable.

When thinking about what to do next, one of the filmmakers, Ramy, told The Dodo: “It was obvious that we had to take them in and help them the best way we could.

close-up photo of two puppies
Source: The Dodo

Their new rescuers were in a bit of a problem themselves. Because they were nearing the end of a shoot and had to go back home, they had to figure out a way to help them fast.

At first, they realized that it was impossible for them to take the puppies back home with them, but finding a suitable rescue would be a great option.

They were taken to a veterinarian clinic, where they received a full checkup. Other than needing medications for fleas, they were almost in perfect health.

A Fun Time For The Puppies

woman running with puppies on the beach
Source: The Dodo

After that, they were allowed to relax and just play around. Their new rescuers were surprised to see just how high-spirited they were.

One of the rescuers, Estelle, said: “Now that they were all healthy, we really wanted them to have the best head start in life. 

They would take them on all sorts of fun adventures in the short time they were there. The puppies would swim in the oasis, run in a big field, and even hike in the mountains.

woman holding a puppy
Source: The Dodo

The rescuers were just so happy to give them this opportunity, and the puppies enjoyed it all the time.

However, even though they were having the time of their life, their kind caretakers had to figure out a solution to their problem. They needed to find a good shelter.

They tried many different ones, but they received no feedback almost every time. After this, anxiety kicked in as they had to go home soon, but they had no solution yet.

One Final Option

two puppies sleeping
Source: The Dodo

Just as fate would have it, there was one more option they hadn’t tried yet. They took a big leap of faith by driving to the last shelter they knew and asking for help.

Luckily, the place was amazing, and the staff there immediately accepted the puppies in their care. Both of them breathed a huge sigh of relief.

They are going to be okay. Now that the filmmakers went home, the shelter staff worked tirelessly to find a wonderful family for the puppies.

woman giving treats to dogs
Source: The Dodo

Not too long after, they were all taken into their forever homes, and they are now living their best life with someone special.

Estelle said: “They look so beautiful! You can tell that they are very well taken care of.

In the end, this story shows us how important it is to be kind and caring to dogs because we never know when it can change our own lives or someone else’s.