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10-Ounce Feisty Pup Loves Playing With A 75-Boxer Forgetting That She Is Small

10-Ounce Feisty Pup Loves Playing With A 75-Boxer Forgetting That She Is Small

Becoming a foster for a puppy doesn’t mean that you are just taking care of them physically. It also means that you are helping an animal regain its trust in humans as well as reminding them that they are worthy of love.  

That is why foster care is so important. They take in adorable pups that need help getting back on their paws, and completely transform them into healthy and happy dogs that are ready to take on the world.

That is exactly what happened when a foster took in the tiniest puppy ever and helped her develop into the feistiest girl.

One Tiny Pup

When the cutest pup named Lemon came to her foster home, she wasn’t in the best shape.

As she was lying underneath a porch for days all by herself before being rescued, Lemon was very weak and malnourished.

Luckily, Lemon is a strong-minded pup with an incredible spirit ready to fight her way to happiness.

“You could tell she had that fighting spirit. There were sparks of that attitude that I knew that she had. I don’t think that she would have made it if she didn’t have that attitude,” Lemon’s foster mom, Erin, told The Dodo.

This adorable pup was so small that she could perfectly fit into the palm of a hand, just like an actual lemon, and was able to be carried around with no effort.

As soon as she arrived at her foster home, Lemon was ready to start living her life like she was supposed to.

Brand-New Doggo

Lemon found out that she actually loved playing with other dogs, especially the ones significantly bigger than her.

She loved bossing them around and making them play games only she wanted to play.  

“It’s really funny because I have a 75-pound boxer mix and he was totally terrified of her. It was like a mouse and elephant relationship. Just seeing the dynamic between a 10-ounce dog and a 75-pound dog always just makes me giggle,” she added.

Erin is pretty sure that Lemon has no idea what she looks like and that she believes that she is just as big as the rest of them.

Regardless, she is really happy to see Lemon being accepted by her other dogs, and she has furry siblings that allow her to blossom and have fun.

Being in such an incredible environment, Lemon soon grew up big and strong, even weighing in at a full pound.

This milestone was a strong indicator that this adorable pup was ready for a forever home.

New Life

Amy, one of the neighbors of Erin’s rescue friends, was completely blown away by Lemon’s determination and strength. As soon as the two met, they knew it was meant to be.  

Being in her new home in Massachusetts, a home that was dedicated completely to her, Lemon was the happiest pup around.

“She is acting just like how she acted here. She hasn’t missed a beat. She is learning how to bark. She is playing with all her toys. She is falling asleep in her toy basket. She is just going to live the life of luxury that she deserves,” concluded Erin.

She loves spending her time outside, running along Massachusetts beach, but she also loves lounging in her house and cuddling up with her new mom.

Little Lemon is getting bigger and bigger with every passing day, and it is all thanks to her loving mom and incredible foster mom, giving her a second chance and proving that she is capable of being happy.

Seeing dogs living the lives that they truly deserve is one of the best things ever. If you, too, would love to experience this immense joy, head down to your local rescue shelter and adopt today!