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Fearful Stray Dog Refuses To Be Saved Until Her Giant-Hearted Rescuer ‘Collapses’

Fearful Stray Dog Refuses To Be Saved Until Her Giant-Hearted Rescuer ‘Collapses’

Not all doggos have the same level of enthusiasm when it comes to people. Stray dogs, for that matter, are sometimes quite hard to interact with due to their natural fear and survival instinct.

A North Carolina officer learned that the hard way when he tried to save a wandering dog in Sapphire Valley. After several exhausting attempts to save a stray canine before the cold, he realized he’d need a different approach.

What he came up with next stunned everyone, including the dog!

An Unusual Plan

Sean Holcom, the officer at Blue Ridge Public Safety, Sapphire, North Carolina, showed an amazing understanding of dog behavior during one of his rescue missions. 

Together with his colleague, he had been trying to capture a skittish dog that roamed the local streets for days. It was just days before the cold front, and this giant-hearted man made it a mission to help the animal in need.

“Our officers have been trying to catch this dog that has been wandering around Sapphire Valley for several days. We are hoping to get her out of the frigid cold as soon as possible,” the BRPS team wrote on Facebook.

Once they finally crossed paths with the dog, Holcom tried a somewhat different approach. Instead of trying to ‘jump her,’ he laid on the ground with chicken on his chest and waited for the dog to come.

The dog only took a few moments to approach the officer and find her tasty reward. 

According to the Miami Herald, Holcom learned this technique during his time working with canines while serving in the U.S. Army. Apparently, being at the same level as dogs makes them feel a lot less nervous and calm, and the officer made use of this fact perfectly! 

This heroic rescue soon went viral, warming the hearts of thousands of people all over the country. Holcom’s love for dogs paid off, and this sweet girl was now finally ready to meet her furever hoomans.

“We are so lucky to have officers who love this community and are ready to serve everyone, including dogs,” Blue Ridge Public Safety wrote in a Facebook post.

The Good News

Right after she was rescued, the dog was taken to a local humane society. Only a few days later, officer Holcom posted the most wonderful update about… Betty! 

Betty (now Sapphire) was adopted into a loving family only a few days after she was rescued. As no one claimed her at the shelter, a local family inquired about her status, and now they’re about to have endless days of fun together.

“Betty is what I call her because it was Betty White’s birthday, was adopted by her FUR-ever local family. Her new name Sapphire,” officer Holcom wrote on Facebook.

Holcom wanted to emphasize that saving Sapphire was really a joint effort of kind, local residents who showed unreserved support for this rescue mission.

“While we tracked her we had so many residents stop and give us food and treats to help comfort her. This is why I’m so proud to be an officer with Blue Ridge Public Safety and serve and protect all of community to include the fur babies,” Holcom wrote on his Facebook.

Thanks to her North Carolina community, Sapphire now has the chance to embark on a brand-new life adventure with the people who’ll give everything to make her every day a day to remember!