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Fearful Puppy With No Fur At All Transforms Into A Pawdorable Beauty

Fearful Puppy With No Fur At All Transforms Into A Pawdorable Beauty

Rescuing a fearful, stray dog that has no positive experience with humans is no picnic. But, once you earn their trust and show them what a loving relationship can be, there’s no words to describe those feelings of joy.

When Selina and Jen spotted Dobby on their way to another rescue, they immediately stopped in their tracks.

At the time, Dobby, the pup, looked very horribly neglected, and he was completely missing his fur. The two knew they had to help, but the rescue mission was far from easy!

Learning How To Trust Again

When Selina and Jen first saw Dobby, he was roaming the road and looking for food. As they got closer, he escaped to a building site where he tried to hide from potential danger.

According to his extremely timid nature, Dobby had a negative experience with people. So, when these long-time animal rescuers tried to approach him, he ran off as fast as he could.

The next day, Selina and Jen arrived at the site again – this time, with a plan! 

For about four hours, they tried to lure Dobby out of a small tunnel where he was hiding. They offered him food, and waited, but he was still so scared.

“It was very stressful, he fought so hard to get away from us, not knowing who he could trust in this world,” Jen wrote on Instagram.

He would come out just for a second to grab some food, and then he’d immediately go back in. Then, the rescuers resorted to plan B. They contacted a professional dog catcher who caught him in a net within minutes, and then put him in a crate.

For the first few minutes, Dobby was frantically trying to escape, but after some time, he calmed down. Jen and Selina took him to the vet, where he got therapy for his skin condition, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Amazing Transformation

portrait of a beautiful smiling puppy
Source: The Dodo

It only took moments for Jen to realize that Dobby was destined to be her dog! As soon as they finished their vet appointment, she took him in and made him family.

For the first three weeks, Dobby didn’t want to interact with his new owner. He was still extremely shy and scared of everyone, so he spent most of his days hiding under drawers

Jen was patiently waiting for the moment he’d finally come out of his shell, and then, 21 days later – it happened!

He slowly started to come out of his shell as he realized that his new home was a safe space. Little by little, Dobby completely transformed, and he became the sweetest lovebug.

“I couldn’t touch him for 21 days. It was a very slow process. Sometimes I never thought we’d get there. But we did and I am so thankful every day that we stopped to save him. He’s an absolute joy, and such a bundle of love,” Jen wrote.

He finally started socializing with his new momma and his new doggo siblings. 

Turns out, all he really needed was the gentle touch of a human and someone to give him enough time to adapt into a new environment. And, after weeks of trying to break that barrier, Dobby ended up having so much more!

He finally got a loving home and someone who helped him rebuild his trust in other people! After all the hardship he’s been through, Dobby’s now a brand-new boi ready to embrace his new life with paws wide open!

Keep up with Dobby and Jen on her official Instagram.