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Fearful Mama Dog With 14 Pups Finally Learns How To Trust Again

Fearful Mama Dog With 14 Pups Finally Learns How To Trust Again

Gaining the trust of a dog who has had no human interaction is never easy. It requires dedication, patience, and a lot of love.

The rescuers at Hope For Life Rescue, in Virginia, were up for that task. 

As soon as a shelter asked them to take a frightened mama dog named Lovebug and her fourteen newborn babies into their care, they immediately agreed to help.

Lovebug was picked up on the streets, and she was extremely distrustful of humans.

The staffers received the canine family with outstretched arms, determined to give them love and gain their trust.

The Mama Dog And Her Babies Are Safe

At first, Lovebug didn’t let the rescue staff touch her or her puppies. She became overwhelmed with fear whenever she saw the staffers approaching them.

“I remember walking in the room and seeing her cowered in the corner over top of her two-day old babies. She was so scared. Shaking and not letting us get too close to her or the babies,“ one of her rescuers told The Dodo.

The rescuers’ hearts became filled with sadness. 

They were resolved to give the dog and the puppies the best possible care, and they set up a private room at Hope Center for Lovebug and her babies. 

Taking care of fourteen furbabies was difficult for the malnourished mama dog. Her rescuers were concerned about her weight and they made sure she ate nutritious meals. 

Miss Susie, one of the volunteers, cooked chicken for Lovebug every day.

Lovebug Realizes That She’s Loved

A couple of days later, Lovebug let the staff touch her babies and weigh them in order to determine which puppy needed supplements. The mama dog started trusting her rescuers, but she didn’t let them pet her. 

The kind-hearted people didn’t give up, and they kept working with her, giving her the time she needed.

The staff and volunteers had socialization sessions with Lovebug. They hand-fed her, spent time talking to her, and lying with her on the floor.

They were moved by Lovebug’s exceptional care of her puppies. 

The babies quickly thrived, and they ran after their mom to get more milk. The rescuers relished playing with the puppies and getting to know their personalities.

After some time, Lovebug realized that she was safe and loved, and she let her rescuers stroke her.

woman and her brown dog
Source: The Dodo

Once her fur babies reached adoptable age, they found their forever homes.

Lovebug could focus on herself. Her rescuers knew that she needed a lot of time and love. They gave her countless kisses, wishing they could take all her fears away.

Shortly after all her puppies found homes, the mama dog started gaining weight. The volunteers continued visiting her in order to socialize with her. They often read books to her.

Getting Her Happy Ending

In order to trust humans again, Lovebug was placed in a loving foster home.

Her foster family showed her a lot of love and kindness. Lovebug was glad to spend time with her foster dog brothers, who helped her rebuild her confidence.

The sweet pup started smiling, and her eyes shined brightly. Lovebug enjoyed cuddling with her foster parents and taking in all their love.

She started searching for her happily ever after.

Lovebug’s happiness was complete when she met her forever parents. The doggo stole their hearts immediately.

woman, dog and sunset
Source: Sandy Walker

Lovebug moved to her forever home, and they changed her name to Ruby. Her parents absolutely adore her and shower her with love.

Ruby lives her best life in Virginia. She loves going camping with her family and playing with her furry siblings, Beamer and Charlotte.