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A Fearful Dog Would Not Even Look At His Parents Until He Realized That He Was Finally Safe

A Fearful Dog Would Not Even Look At His Parents Until He Realized That He Was Finally Safe

Sometimes, humans tend to forget that dogs have emotions, too.

They can feel happiness after a fun day spent with their friends, but they can also feel heartbreak when they realize that the hooman that was supposed to be their best friend ends up mistreating them.

Many take their feelings for granted and think that just because they are animals, they don’t have to treat them with kindness and respect.

Unfortunately, a lot of dogs that experience this type of mistreatment lose their trust in every human out there, making it quite difficult for those who want to help them, as they have to rebuild that trust all over again.

Frightful Pup

scared dog sitting in a car
Source: The Dodo

When a woman named Kelly spent a year and a half looking for a dog to foster, she never imagined she would come across the most perfect dog for her.

Unfortunately, the pup had met some mean hoomans before Kelly, making him really shy and reluctant.

“When we picked him up, he was just so afraid. He wouldn’t even make eye contact with us in the car. Someone had failed him somewhere along the way.” Kelly told The Dodo.

The pup, named Walt, didn’t really know how to act in front of his new humans. He had no idea what it was like to feel loved or have a home… so much so that he even refused to enter his new house, making himself sleep and live outside.

dog on a leash
Source: The Dodo

Even when he did build up the courage to enter the house, he spent his time in the hallway, not wanting to enter other rooms.

All he did was sit and motionlessly stare at a wall for hours, not wanting to disturb anyone.

“And even, like, when I touched him to comfort him, he was cowering away from me because he was afraid I was going to hurt him,” she said.

dog sitting in dog bed looking at the wall
Source: The Dodo

Kelly tried everything she could to show Walt that he was finally somewhere safe, comforting him and setting up a bed he could sleep in.

However, poor Walt had no idea that the bed was for him, so he continued sleeping on the floor.

dog lying on the floor
Source: The Dodo

Time Heals

After spending some time in this safe and loving environment, Walt finally realized that he was home.

“What made me know that he knew he was safe here – I would be sitting on the sofa watching TV, and he would come in and put his head under my hand, as if to say, ‘Love me’. Whereas he didn’t even know what that was when we first took him here,” Kelly added.

Walt even started playing with Kelly all the time, inventing his own jumping game that made her interact with him more and more, strengthening the bond between them.

Whenever she would come to the back yard with him, Walt would start running in circles around her, kicking up the grass with his speedy zoomies.

dog running on grass
Source: The Dodo

Walt even warmed up to Kelly’s other dog. Even though his furry sibling is significantly smaller than him, the two managed to find the perfect balance in their relationship.

Realizing that she managed to finally give him the loving home he deserved all along, Kelly couldn’t hide her joy.

“It has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my entire life. To be able to take a dog out of a really bad situation and give them what they deserve. They don’t deserve anything other than humans to love them,” concluded Kelly.

Final Word

Finally, Walt is living the life he deserved all along.

Transforming from a dog who would avoid eye contact at all costs to one who wants to spend his entire day surrounded by his favorite hoomans, Walt is one happy puppy.

This incredible transformation wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Kelly – someone who saw the true potential underneath a face full of fear.

Thank you, Kelly! And, thank you to every human out there who has dedicated their lives to saving doggos in need.

You guys are true heroes!